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My Carluke Parish ancestors were: Reid, Cunningham, Paterson, Arnot(t), Baillie.
My Gibson ancestors were born at Coldstream, Carluke.
I have Dewar ancestors from the area.
My parents and grandparents are from lanarkshire I have an old photo of my gradfather outside the hairdressing shop where he worked
I have connections to Weirs in the Carluke area.So far I have traced back to my Great Grandfather James Weir born in Cambusnethan in 1831/1832 - he died at Kilncadzow Carluke in 1911.
Anderson Boyes in Motherwell was started by three Carluke men. It became probably the largest manufacturer of coal-cutting machinery in the world.
I am writing from Melbourne, Australia and would like to contact somebody about a family named Kerr, resident in Carluke Hight Street in the 1841 Scotland Census. Kind regards P.Marsh
[Agnes Cullen (born July 2 approximately 1897)] I would like to find current relations as well as ancestors of Agnes Cullen born in Barrhead. She emigrated to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in 1912 and married Charles Loran George in 1915.
[ Agnes Cullen (born July 2 approximately 1897)] adding to my previous note: the parents she had listed on her marriage registration is Albert and May or Mary
[ Blackie] I remember John Smith who worked in the manually operated signal boxes at Law Junction.John Smith was my Uncle. He was a railway signalman all of his life until modernisation when he was retrenched. His father, My Grandfather was Robert Smith of Law. He was a signalman also at law junction. His brother, James was a signalman at Hallcraig all his days, and his other brothers - Alec who died prematurely and Robert who the family lost touch with were all signalmen. My mother Jean was I believe the ticket clerk at Law Junction station.
[Cleland] One of my descendants dedicated a tombstone in memory of her grandfather. Her name was Amelia O. McCrae and her grandfather was David Cleland. There are several other names listed but the stone now lies on the ground in 2 pieces. It is located next to, what I @@ ume is an old chapel. That sparked my interest in the cemetery's history.
[ Cuthbertson, Wood, French] My husband and I were brought up in Carluke. Both his father and my father were tomato growers- Old Wishaw Road and Clyde Street. My father (William Cuthbertson) who passed away in 2007 worked in the Carluke area from the 1930's on, first at Castlehill farm, delivering milk with a horse and cart. My mother's maiden name was French and her parent's farmed at East Coldstream Farm, Yieldshields before moving to the Old Wishaw Road nursery. They also worked for Lord Newlands at Maudslie Castle.
[Family names are Paterson, Noble, Watt] WALTER PATERSON was born 23 Jul 1860 in Carluke, Lanark, Scotland. In the 1861 Census, his family was listed as living on Crawford Dyke Street in Carluke. At that time, his father, Robert Campbell Paterson worked as a vinegar merchant. By the time Walter was 10, they had moved to Eastwood in Renfrewshire where they lived at 4 Pollok Villa. At age 20 we find Walter living at 3 Keir Street, in Glasgow Govan He married CHRISTINA TURNBULL NOBLE on Aug 31, 1885 in the Free Church of Scotland, Glasgow. Christina was the daughter of WILLIAM NOBLE and ISABELLA YOUNG. She was born Jan 20, 1864 in Hutchesontown, Glasgow. The 1891 census finds them with their 3 children living on Viewfield Rd. in East Kilbride, where Walter worked as a vinegar merchant in his father’s business. They had in total, 8 children, 7 of whom lived to adulthood. The firm of R Paterson & Sons Ltd was established by Robert Paterson in Glasgow in 1849, for the production of vinegar. It later branched out into the manufacture of ketchup, sauces and other preparations, and in particular of Camp Coffee essence, at a site in Charlotte Street near Glasgow Green. After Robert Paterson’s death in 1882, the 2 brothers continued in the company until Walter decided to branch out on his own. Unfortunately, this venture was not successful, and in 1909 Walter decided to move his family to Canada. They emigrated in 1909 via the Allan Steamship Line on the Ionian. The ship left Glasgow Sept 11 1909 and arrived in Quebec, Canada on Sept 19. Walter and his family settled in Duncan, BC, Canada where they lived on a farm. All his children worked on the farm until they were married and set off on their own. Walter started the first school in the area, and later served on the local school board. His brother, Campbell Paterson, bought them a home in Victoria, BC where they retired in their later years. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1935 in their beautiful home at Gordon Point, Victoria surrounded by their many descendants. Christina died 18 Jan 1938 and Walter followed her on 08 Mar 1938. They are buried in the Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria.
[Fleming] Thomas Fleming was married to Mary Jane Scholes in 1851 in Cootehill, Cavan. They had a daughter, Sarah Jane born January 1853. Thomas, Mary Jane, Sarah and Thomas' brothers, William and James left Ireland early in 1853 for Carluke. In October 1853, William married Mathilda Jane Gordon and they had a son, Robert in 1854. In September 1854, Thomas and Mary Jane had a daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth died January 1855. On 28 September 1855, Sarah Jane died at age 2 years 9 Mos. In 13 December 1855, Sarah Jane (2) was born. In late Jun of 1856, all the Fleming families left Scotland for Canada arriving on 5 August aboard the "Chieftan".
[Forrest - Peat - Park] My Gran was Elizabeth Forrest nee Peat. my grandfather was James Forrest he was a driver at the laundry. my grandma was Johann Henry nee Park,my grandpa was James Henry they lived at Glencoe Road.thet were from Glasgow he was security at the co-op bakery in Glasgow. I love coming home. I miss square slice from Ramsay's and any crumpet and treacle scones. I remember a lady on Old Lanark Road baking her own and selling them from the back door. I also remember being sent to the tomato houses on Old Lanark Road. We moved to Sheffield when I was aged 8. I still go home every couple of years. I remember hanging off the back of the milk van going up the High Street aged 12. I was no sooner back at my Gran's at Newlands Terrace than my aunt Jean walked in and smacked me. I do remember a lot of smacks from the female members of the family over the years.
[ Frood] Researching the Frood family of Carmichael, Lanark and Carluke
[ Happiness] is a warm blanket
[Harrisson] I have lots of folk in and around Carluke in the 1600s to 1800s, including Binning, Caldwell, Chalmers, Couper, Cunningham, Forrest, Frame, Gilchrist,Hamilton, Inglis, McCall, McMinn, Murray, Russell, Smellie, Tacket,Torrance, Walker and others; although more were around Carstairs, they kept flitting in and out of Carluke.
[ Hello from Australia] Am researching my gm, Annie Pate Weir Lamb,b1880, Carluke, her family, (father)William Lamb b1859 d1916,buried Larkhall, (mother)Ann Pate Weir Megahey b1862 d1926, daughter of John Megahey b1830 and Ann Weir b1830. The Weir and Megahey families I understand are from Carluke whereas the Lambs are from Glasgow, father William Lamb and mother Margaret Ritchie both b abt 1830. My grandmother has proven to be difficult to research as she (as the story goes) altered her age to emagrate to Australia, or was sent by her family which is more likely the case! That one is another story in it self. Regards Marilin Neden
[ Lindsay] INQUIRY: Looking for a copy of photograph of Carfin House. I stayed there for 2+ years from 1943 The woman who owned it did not want to take in evacuees so my father and mother moved in as "lodgers". Other members of my family also moved from Clydebank into houses in Crossford. I believe there was a Celtic connection in the village.
ANSWER: Carfin House was ( until demolition in 1957 ) in Crossford - just on the Braidwood side of the Crossford bridge ... It was the house of the Graham family ( wine importer - cf 'Graham's Port'). The walled garden, stableyard etc survives as the 'Clyde Valley International Estate' - with coffee shop, stables, shops and wee train still running for the kids ... There are 3 photos of the house and gardens in " Bygone Clyde Valley " by Ken Liddell, pub. by Richard Stenlake in 1991 ( ISBN 1-872074 - 06 - 5 ) which may still be in print - contact the Publisher at 041-632-2304 for info. Amazon Link
[ Moffat] I am tracing the family of Mary Ann Lindsay Moffat, she died in 1897. Her husband John Moffat had died by the 1870's I believe.
[Paterson] My granny and granpa, William and Mary Paterson, lived at 10 Kilcadzow Road. My cousin now lives there though the old house has long gone. Peggy Purden lived not far away and I remember the Weirs on Goremire Road and Mrs Scott, who had the glass houses nearer to Carluke. My grandpa grew tomatoes and strawberries and produced excellent heather honey. I miss the taste of those freshly picked Roadmeetings' strawberries and tomatoes.
[ Prentice the Saddler] Hello, I`d like to learn more about that Thos. Prentice of that shop & more about my 3rd gr.grandparnets, James Prentice b. Carluke 1781-1848 Carluke & Lydia McMillan, 1791 Lesmahagow,1844 Carluke, both buried Carluke - and my 4th gr. grandparents James Prentice & Janet Lockhart, both died & buried Carluke Parish. Would the forum be the best place to add the subsequent Prentice family history (i.e. emmigration, occupations there and here, their descendants etc)? I`ve just found your site,it looks great. Many thanks -Annie
[Punkie Willie ] Punkie - William Ewing is my great great grandfather born 26th October 1812 the illegitimate son of James Ewing and Helen Lamb. He was a hand loom weaver and the town crier for Carluke 1871-1881. His sons William and Robert were ironstone miners. We had the old picture but knew nothing of its origin until I did a little research. I would be interested to know the origin of his nickname as there is a game of marbles with this name it is also another name for midges but could the origin be a corruption of Pawky as he appears to have been quite a character.
[ Robert and William Morton. Ann Park Inglis. Jane Gilchrist.] William and Robert Morton, children of William Morton and Isabella Gray, immigrated to New Zealand sometime after 1863. First settled and worked in Otago and Southland.
[ Searching for Cullen, Lawn, Smith ] My Great Grandmother Agnes Elizabeth Cullen was born in Carluke in July 5, 1897 to Robert (Coal Miner) and Mary Lammie She immigrated to Canada in 1913 and married a Charles George in 1914 She visited Scotland before passing away in Canada in 1963. I am searching for any families she may have visited in Scotland in 1959/1960 Possibly visited her sister Elizabeth (Bessie) {Cullen} Lawn Possibly in Carluke or Barrhead area ?. Any Cullen family survivors in Scotland ?
[ Searching for Cullen, Lawn, Smith ] Dear Bradley I had a look at some of our school log books this morning and made a few notes for you I also took two photos of entries and a photo of miners’ wages book which has a Robert Cullen listed. I noted down some other children who had been registered as starting school. They all had a father Robert and they all lived at Hamilton Street except for John when they seem to be at Castlehill. This does not seem to tie up with the census of 1901 when you say they are in Stewart Street! Maybe at the census they were visiting?? Did you know you could look up the 1911 Census at Scotland’s People site. This may give you slightly more up-to –date info on the family. I read out your email at last night’s committee meeting but nothing registered about relatives. Would you want us to put some info about your family on our website forum? Children were Bessie born 27-1- 1893 Jeannie born 15-9-1895 Agnes born 5-7-1897 Mary born 25-3-1900 (no more girls up to 1921) Robert born 3-3-1902 John 22-10-1906 There was another Robert born on 18-3-1916 and registered at school by Mrs Cullen, 7 Stewart Street. This often means the woman is a widow so I’m not sure who this boy is. There were other Cullens starting school whose father was David so he could be his. I hope this helps Christine Warren
[Smith, Drury] Annie Hamilton Smith[~1849] and William Smith's[~1847] sons Adam, my grandfather, Alex, and John immigrated to Canada in ~ 1910, homesteaded near what is now Westlock, Alberta, then settled in Edmonton, Alberta. My grandfather Adam was a hardworking, straight-forward man. He was a skilled machinist. He married a fellow Scot, Helen Drury from ? Arbroath, and they had 6 children, all but one still alive today.
[ White, Cassells] Hello, I\'m interested in finding the origin of the surname Cassells (or variants) in Carluke. Is there any known history of this, or if and how they were connected to the names Kennedy or Cassilis? Many thanks for any help you may be able to give me.

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