Carluke Timeline 1672-1970

Kilncadzow School, 1881 was. one of the earliest locations providing education outside the Parochial School. From 1719, there are records of payments by the Kirk Session to teachers at Kilncadzow. At the beginning of the 19th century, both a subscription school and an adventure school are known to have existed. The latter was carried on from 1836 to 1858 by William Grossart, forebear of Sir Angus Grossart. The last admission in the log book is 9th April 1956.
Yieldshields School 1956. The first recorded reference to education in this district occurs in the year 1724 when James Prentice received a payment from Carluke Kirk Session for teaching poor children. The earliest known school in Yieldshields was held in a thatched cottage. In 1827 there was a schoolroom in the house by the burnside.
Major-General William Roy 1726 – 1790 Scottish military engineer, surveyor invented O.S. maps
Major WEIR, Carluke man, called by some a wizard and said to be an occultist, he was tried and burned at the stake. He may just have been old and suffered alzheimers but he lived in a spiral-stairway house which was posited as the Devils design.
1813, name is Kilcadzow but. here are some other references. 1381 Kylcadyow when Robert 11 granted land to Sir John Danyalstown. 1492 Sir Stephen Lockhart of Cleghorn held two merk land of Kilcairdzie. 1583 Allan Lockhart of Cleghorn granted charter for Kilcaidzie. 1644 James Lockhart of Lee had land at Wester Kincadzow. 1794 "A Scotch Atlas" by Armstrong says Kilcago. !864 OS map says Kilncadzow. !872 Proprietor of lee holds superiority of Kilcadzow.
Law map 1816
Highland-Chief-1817. Orig was in Hallcraig House Carluke, then the family took it to Ayrshire, then it was brought to Coalburn where it now stands.
Early Plan of Carluke High Street. This hand-drawn sketch plan, not to scale, shows the individual shops and properties in the street, with the names of the current occupier at the time. Exact date unknown but proposed "new" Stirling to Carlisle road is shown and it was built in 1823.  
Milton Lockhart was built in 1829 by. Mr William Lockhart, M.P. for the county. He was the brother of John Gibson Lockhart, biographer and son-in-law of Sir Walter Scott. The author chose the site. The castle has now been removed and rebuilt in Japan.
Detail from. Mazeppa -1834
Duke of Wellington 1836-Falkirk
King-James-V--1836-in Crammond
William McGavin-1836
Sisters of Scio-1839-Hamilton
Robert Burns 1840.- private collection in private collection
Detail of. the base of Fergusson of Raith -1843- in Haddington
A newspaper announcement for the Benedicte in 1868 stated: "The ship has been classed 1st class with excellence for the last 7 years. The between deck has a height of 8 feet, the ventilation is extremely good, and it is equipped in an excellent way in all matters. It can safely be recommended as a seldom good passenger ship". In 1866 the owners of the ship Dagmar announced for passenger with the following description: "Dagmar, 349 Commercial lasts, with a high between deck, illuminated from the sides and roof, like on the steamships". On the Drafna an account from 1852 described daily life: "The between deck had to be "scraped" two times a week." The sailing time to Quebec was on average 51 days.   On the Norden sailing with 403 persons in 1866 the hold had been divided by a between deck, set up of planks. On the between deck there was set up bins fitted with bunks. There was one row along each side, and one along the middle of the ship. There was a narrow passage between the bunks. A primitive toilet on each side of the deck. Over the hatch there had been built a hood with an entrance down to the passengers quarters. There was no other ventilation than this, and the only fresh air came trough this entrance. When the weather was rough the entrance had to be closed, and it became dark as in the night down in the hold.  In 1866 the Norden departed from Bergen May 5th, and arrived at Quebec on June 7th. She was sailing in ballast, and was carrying 379 steerage passengers and a crew of 21. When the Norden arrived at the quarantine station on Grosse Île June 6th, 3 were ill from debility and diarrhoea. One infant had died on the voyage. Quoted from  
Coop shop. In 1861, nineteen men formed the Carluke Equitable Pioneer Society. These men decided to set up shop to provide goods at reasonable prices. The first shop was at the corner of Rankin Street and Market Road.
Carluke Bowling Club was formed. after a meeting in 1864. The turf cost £4 per half acre and came from Gair Farm. The green was opened in 1865 by Dr Selkirk.
The Popinjay Hotel built in 1882, is. in the village of Rosebank. Lord Newlands of Mauldslie Castle built the village for his estate workers. The "popping jay" is an archery target and tradition has it that the hotel is built near the site of an archery contest described in "Old Mortality" by Sir Walter Scott.
Stewarts 1885 Invoice to Bank for renovation.
Stewarts Feb 1886.
Thomas Prentice,  Saddlers, Carluke
Stewarts Feb 11th 1886.
Jas Paterson,  Milton Lockhart
Index of Customers. (only for the images here)
The shunting pug at. Castlehill c. 1887. The driver (partly obscured by the chimney) is Johnny Walker, killed c.1912 in a pug derailment, George Horsburgh, cashier, is wearing a cap, Jimmy McFarlane, clerk.
Stewarts Oct 29th 1890.
Davidson & Sons Photographers
stewarts leger 1890
Stewarts 1890 Thos Gray Cabinetmaker  
Stewarts Jan 30th 1890.
George S Harvie - Baker Hight St, Carluke
Stewarts Nov 22nd 1890.
Jas Paterson,  Milton Lockhart
Stewarts 1890 Invoice to Jas Rankin Esq.   Jas Rankin  in 1890
cleaning counter tops and repairing floors at Balsillies  (The Drapers)    
This year’s Lanimer Lord Cornet is Stuart Wilson. His father Alexander (Sandy) Wilson was Lord Cornet in 1969; his grandfather Carse Wilson was Cornet in 1926; and his great-grandfather Andrew Wilson was Lord Cornet twice, in 1893 and then again in 1903. And his mum, Ena Wilson, sashed the Cornet in 1994. See Jan 28th week Carluke and Lanark Gazette.
Carluke Golf Club was instituted in 1893. Fields at. Whitehill Farm and Shieldhill Farm were considered but this postcard shows players at Langshaw Farm. A clubhouse was erected in 1898. The club decided to move to Hallcraig in 1911 where the present 18 hole course is played on.
The Cross1900
Wallace familyc 1902. From left Janet (Mrs McPhee), Lydia (nee Penicook), Margaret (Mrs Ferguson), William 9was a roadman), Elizabeth Mrs Charles Walton who went to New Zealand) Taken at Burn Cottage, Yieldshields.
The Drill Hall was built in 1905-06. by public subscription. in memory of men of the Lanarkshire Yeomanry who had lost their lives in the Boer War. 
Steeles shop after 1905
camp coffee advertisement-circa-1910
November 1911 A labourer was fined 20s or 10 days’ imprisonment at Lanark Police Court, for committing a breach of the peace and maliciously breaking a pane of glass in a shop door in the Wellgate the previous day. Carlukes Archibald Cochrane sustained bruising to his back and internal injuries after being hit by a fall from the roof of the Stravenhouse Colliery in Law. Cochrane, of Kirkton Street, had been knocked violently to the pavement. Alexander Kirkhope of Braidwood received a medical appointment at Penrith, England. He held a degree of MB Ch B at Glasgow University. The fire brigade attended a blaze at Drumclog House in Forth after the bedclothes had unaccountably become ignited. Considerable damage, valued at £65, was done to the house. Ladies warm winter underwear was advertised as being available to buy from Brownlees Drapery Warehouse in Carluke. Lanark Celtic were top of football South Lanark Juvenile League
CA: McLagan is not buried there. He is at Etaples Military Cemetery in France. The medal was sent to his mother after his death on Nov. 4, 1917. She had it placed on the family tombstone where she is also buried, in the old Carluke cemetery now part of Ancaster
Stewarts April 11th 1919.
Wm Affleck - 1 Melville Place, Carluke
Sheriff Clerk 1919 Polling Booths Wishaw Berryhill Newmains Overtown
Steel in Hamilton St, Carluke
Wm McCalpine Carnwath Rd, Carluke
Stewarts April 21st 1919.
Wm Melrose High St, Carluke
A & W Weir Hamilton St, Carluke
Town Hall Committee, Carluke
Hugh Martin & Sons, Carluke
Stewarts April 14th 1919.
John Weatherspoon, Crown Hotel, Carluke
Stewarts April 26th 1919.
Thos Gray - Bakers in High St, Carluke
Stewarts May 23rd 1919.
Alex Mann, Kirkton St, Carluke
J. Thompson & Co Mauldslie Preserve Works
Stewarts Aug 20th 1919.
Hugh Martin & Sons, Carluke
Robert Forrester & Co Np.9 Colliery, Roughrigg
Stewarts Oct 14th 1919.
John Watson - Middlehope Farm
Mrs W. Weir  Hamilton St, Carluke  
Stewarts Apr 3rd 1919.
Thos Brown 29 Stewart St, Carluke
Jas J Wilson  Hamilton St property
Dr R. B. Barr
J.  Bell - PrintersHigh St, Carluke
Trustees of J Gibson, Unipn St, Carluke
Jas Rankin Market Pace, Carluke
Milton tile workers c. 1920
Stewarts May 3rd 1920 (BURIAL).
Dr. Robert Barr
British Linen Bank
Executors of Jas J Wilson (Burial)
Mrs Cameron - Braidwood
R J Gibson Milton Brickworks
Stewarts Apr 14th 1920.
Eglinton Silica Brickwork, 45 Renfrew St Glasgow
Jas Weir - Blacksmith  
Stewarts Sept 8th 1921.
Thos Brown - Butcher Hamilton St, Carluke
Stewarts Dec 23rd 1921.
W. Gilchrist - Oldhill
S. Train  - Draper High St, Carluke
Burgh of Wishaw  Water Dept
Stewarts Dec 14th 1921.
Wm Cassells - Ironmonger, Carluke
Stewarts Apr  1922.
R Martin  - Stevenson Park,Carluke
Robert Bryce (Ratcatcher)  1929
The High Mill showing. the chimney on the right erected after the mill moved from wind power to steam. It was later powered by a suction gas engine before closing in the 1930s.
Kilncadzow Rangers in the late. 1930s. Back(l-r): Gavin Renwick, Hendry Smith, Willie Renwick, Adam Renwick Middle: Sam Fraser, John Tait, Tommy Macdonald, Bob Logan Front: Jimmy Gray, Tom Renwick, Peter Ellison
Dance 1930
 Elvanfoot circa 1930
Yieldshields children and. Nellie Longmuir (Mrs Reid) at Carluke Gala day in Carnwath Road c. 1931. Children from left, Lydia McPhee, Betsy and Margaret Somerville of Middle Quarter, Chrissie Chalmers of Hunthill, Nan McPhee of Springbrae, Danny Longmuir.
Yieldshields 1935. Buildings from left Old school, Rose Cottage, white building is Glenburn.
Stewarts Wages Dec10th 1936
The Coronation Scot passing. CraigenhillSignal Box, 20 August 1937.
Stewarts Wages 25th Feb 1937 Another driver J. Jackaon Nw Labourer T. Fleming 2 Joiners Countrymoney @ 3/- per night
2 Boys Lodgings @ 25/- per week
Stewarts WAGES !!th Aug 1938. G. Scott Labourer
J. Brpwn Watchman
J  McQuid Joiner
J. Moir Joiner
H. Whitefield Joiner
J. Frazer  Joiner
Stewarts Wages 12th Nov 1938.
St Andrews Show c.1940
Rudolph Hess airplane was stripped and analysed by the RAF .since it was a full-spec late model with the latest engine before going to Eaglesham from the Carluke hangar c.1945
Law Gala 1949
Kilncadzow Common with. in the background from the left, Townhead, Midtown, Westtown, School Agricultural houses built about 1950. The Village Hall can be seen at the corner of Craigenhill Road. It was later removed to Hill of Kilncadzow Farm.
Main Road across from. the shop. The row of houses in the 1950s was owned by Tait, Kirkton Ave. Occupants remembered then are from the left- Bob Forrest (moved to Brown Street); Mrs Donald; Tom Hamilton; James Hamilton. Row bought by Cullen of Craighead.
Ranger Guides in 1950
Woodcut of the school. from 1950 carluke high school magazine

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