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Old Newsletters

Clips from our Old Newsletters still make interesting reading.

From February 1980

(See Old Carluke)
The "Rights of Way" meeting held on January 10th certainly caught the attention and enthusiasm of quite a number of members and friends. Mr. McConnell agreed to guide members round some local paths on the following Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. EIGHTEEN walkers set off on a lovely bright morning. Those present had a very enjoyable time. The bonfire and chat at picnic time created a friendly atmosphere. The following Sunday TWENTY of us set off once more to tackle a walk starting from Forrests at Headspoint. The sheltered valley was beautifully quiet and peaceful and the idyllic Mashock Mill was explored. We are very grateful to Mr. McConnell for the time he spent with us. We are hoping to organise regular walking trips locally and further afield for members, their families and friends.


The society has sent a letter to the District Council making enquiries into the whereabouts of the two cannons which used to sit outside the Drill Hall and of two machine guns gifted to the Carluke Parish Council after the First World War by the War Trophies Committee. The information about the machine guns was found in the Peace Souvenir published by J. Bell of the Gazette Office, September, 1919. There has as yet been no reply.    CAN ANYONE ENLIGHTEN US!

CPHS had varied feedback from this. No definite sightings were noted but Coulter House was mentioned. Anyone know anything else?

From June 1980
For some time now I have been fascinated by a face or rather part of a face-in stone. The stone is in the garden of Mr. & Mrs. McCrossan in Sandy Road. We have however confirmed that the stone originally came from Braidwood. Mr. E. Barren our resident photographer has taken some pictures of the stone which we will be sending on to the Museum, of Antiquities in Edinburgh, for information it,
The stone is rough hewn and stands about 2ft high.

(A Report from an old Gazette)
A number of criminal cases were dealt with by Hon. Sheriff Houston at Lanark Sheriff Court on Monday. The third case is recorded, as follows:-

J.F., labourer of no fixed residence, was charged with having early on Sunday morning last assaulted R.B. at the door of the Model Lodging House in Sandy Road, Carluke and with throwing stones at and damaging the door of said Lodging House, The accused pleaded guilty. From statements submitted it seemed that F. entered the Lodging House under the influence of drink on the Saturday evening previous and was ejected. He returned about 4 o'clock on Sunday morning and entered the Lodging House by means of a window. He was again told to go out but assaulted B. by striking him with his fists, and when outside threw stones at the Lodging House door. A fine of ten shillings with the alternative of seven days was imposed.

This is the Model Lodging House photographed in 2007. It is still operating as a furniture shop in 2011. - Does anyone have more info about THE LODGING HOUSE in Sandy Rd ?

From November 1980

Boots were made for walking.
Recently Mr Jim Russell received a small box which had been posted in New Zealand. Inside, carefully packed, was a little green china shoe.

The shoe is quite charming and is in a twenties/thirties style. It was one of a pair which belonged to the late Mr George Weir, formerly of Miller Street and Unitas Crescent, who emigrated to New Zealand twenty three years ago. The shoe had been given to Mr. Weir when he left Carluke by Hugh Moffat of the Heather Row; the shoe had belonged to his mother.
Throughout his stay in New Zealand he closely followed and retained an interest in Carluke affairs. Mr Jim Russell, our Vice President, learned from one of his family here in Carluke that Mr. Miller was ill. As he had known Mr. Weir well, Mr Russell decided to phone him in New Zealand to hear how he was progressing and talked to him early in the morning in hospital. They had a good chat, reminiscing about mutual friends, the Hyndshaw Pit, and the Heather Row with the heather in bloom. A short while later, the shoe arrived in the post. Before Mr Russell could thank him, however, he learned that Mr Weir had died suddenly. So, the little shoe has travelled to the other side of the world and has come home again.

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