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Carluke 1886 Almanac


We are lucky enough to have a copy of the Carluke Almanac for the year 1886 which was probably sole- marketed by Andrew Beveridge, with his own spot advertising revenue inserted, front and back. as will be seen if you look at the inner white pages for Messrs Gibson and Beveridge.  Also noteworthy is the massive amount of patent medicine advertising relative to this tiny publication. Quite obviously the readers here were submitted to the first mass marketing promotion, when in the 1860's there was little control over what could be assumed or proven by using the assortment of elixirs and pills. 


Inside Page

The inside cover pages were obviously highly valued advertising revenue area and here we find LAMPLOGHS PYRETIC SALINE
OAKEYS Knife Polish,Silversmith Soap and Black Lead
MATHEWS Fullers Earth - for your complexion
BUNTERS Nervine Tooth Remedy
DEWHURSTS Sewing Cotton
HAYMANS Balsam of Horehound
THOMPSONs Burdock Pills
LYONS blue-black Ink

and on the inside back cover a full page advert for ENOs which is still vigorously marketed even today. So the moral of the story is - If you want your product to endure for more than a century, buy the inside back cover and Sell, Sell, Sell.

Rear Cover
Local Information

The next few pages are specific to Carluke with gazetteer information naming anyone and everyone of importance. Schools, Banks, Surgeons and Associations with the pecking order placing the Curling Club over the Post Office.  Indeed, as it is even today. 

Notable Men

Here we have another page of patent medicine  - this time by Keatings for coughs, treatment of beetles and another for worms in children. The SCOTTS emulsion of Cod Liver Oil
There is an ad for popular books and the facing page has a woodcut of Windsor Castle


The pages for January and February
There is a story called an incident in the seven years war, in 1757 when an English warship took on one of the French captured it and then had to fight off a privateer. Feb has two Spanish tales.



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