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Shop Adverts of Old

A selection of adverts from the Gazette over the years
Sept. 1919

Many times we find browsing through boxes of photographs and news clippings a story about an event, neatly clipped around the article.
Don't do that !  Save the entire page, because years later it may be the reverse side of the newspaper which is more interesting.  Here we have a number of clippings which are the advert on the reverse of the news item.  We hope you will enjoy seeing them and we start with an outline advert for a ladies hat and dress - what the well dressed woman in Carluke would wear in 1919 courtesy of Alex S. Richardson in 51 Main Street Wishaw.  The next panel is a group of ads from 1919 too. We have James Wilson, 40 Wellgate selling gentlemens shoes, then James Paton 54 High Street has a line in wallpaper for you, next to Mr Brown the Photographer in Lanark and to the right some snippets of LANARK NEWS.



Sept. 1919
The Gazette

Next we have a spread of ads in 1918 and 1920,  Brownlees Drapery, Patersons Footwear, John Frynan offering water sterilization tablets to send to your soldier on the front line,  An ad from the Empire Cimema which burned down later as it was a wooden building. and an ad for Captain Eliott MC standing for election in Lanark. His wife died from a fall on their honeymoon see link.  On the 1920 panel we see Gilchrists the tailors followed by an early ad for motor car repairs by Alan Strang, then one for Mr Strain the dentist (an apt name ?) then an advert for Daniel Brown Restaraunt in Glasgow reaching out to Carluke to attract business and then Thompson the Grocers 




Here we have more 1919 evidence with the competitor to RW Scotts jams and jellies, J Thompson Preserves in Law followed by Robert Young Fancy Goods in 61 High St and then Harrisons Hair Dye  at Hinksmans followed by an unusual appearance, Taylors Bird Seed

On the next page we have  Woods Challenge Remedy. unspecified as to what it purported to do here but beneath is an ad for Sixpenny Novels so perhaps the ailing could read while waiting for results.



On the left we have an old ad from 1915 which appeared for Alex S. Richardsons drapery store in Wishaw complete with prices for tweed shirts !  They liked them hard wearing in those days !  Then on the next page we have the films showing for 11th March 1918 in Carlukes Empire Playhouse and then underneath is the ad for John Paterson bootmakers 8 High Street and then Alex Aulds footwear 56 High Street and finally a large ad, seller uknown for Horlicks




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