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Pigots Directory 1837

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Post Office
James Shaw Postmaster

 Gentry & Clergy
Rev Jas Anderson, Original Secession Chapel
James Brown - Orchard
James Gilchrist - Gilfoot
John Hamilton - Kirkton
James Harvie - Brownlee
William Lockhart - Milton Lockhart
Archibald Nisbet - Mauldslie
Mrs John Orr - Brayhead
Samuel Steel - Waygateshaw
Rev John Wylie , Parish Church - Carluke Manse

Thomas Calder - Kirkton St
John Hamilton - High St
John Hamilton Jr. - High St

British Linen Kirkton St - Mr Hamilton
Savings Bank - High St - W. Forrest DR Rankin

John Brownlee - Stewart St
Robert Forrest - Braidwood
John Tweddale - Kirkton St
John Watt - Kirkton St

Boot and Shoe Makers
William Forrest - Braidwood
George Frame - Braidwood
Alexander Marshall - Kirkton St
James Rankin & son - Market Place
Robert Reid - High St

Wm & John Calderhead - Bridgend Colliery
Willam Legate - Carluke colliery
Miler & Ross - Mashock colliery
Russell & Stodart - Law colliery
William Smith - Orchard colliery
Robert Swan - Chapel colliery

John Black - High St
Christians Bowie - High St
Thomas Forrest - High St
John Frazer & hosier - High St
John Girwood - Clyde St
John Lang - High St
John Reid - Kirkton St
Gavin Ross - High St
Thomas Ross - High St
James Shirlaw - High St
Thomas Cassels - Crown - Market Place
Gavin Lang Commercial - Kirkton St
Thomas Nielson - High St
James Pettigrew Black Bull and flesher - High St

Academy & Schools
William Alton - br
Francis McMinn - Hamilton St
Parochial Cross - James Kay, Wm Beattie

Iron Manufacturers
Shotts Iron Co. pig
Castlehill Iron Works - John Baird mgr, Wm Calderhead overseer

Lime Burners
Wm & John Calderhead
Thorn Carmichael & Reid - Harestairs
William Legate - Carluke
James Smith - Thornmoor

Linen & Woolen Drapers
William Forrest - High St
John Jack - High St
William Morton & spirit dealer - High St
Archibald Rankin - High St
Thomas Ross - High St

Robert Hamilton - Kirkton St
John Marshall & builder - Chapel St
 John Prentice - Kirkton St

William Dick - Chapel St
Robert Forrest - Water Mill

Shopkeepers Sundries
John Cassels - Kirkton St
John Forrest - High St
Samuel Forrest - Braidwood
John Gilchrist - Braidwood
William Gilchrist - - High St
David ritchie - Braidwood
Thomas Sommerville - Clyde St
William Sommerville -  Kirkton St
John Walker - High St

Slaterers & Plasterers
James Ferguson - John St
William Russel - High St

Agents to Manufs
James Brownlee muslin sewing - Market Place
Alexander Scoulter Hamilton St
Wm Sommerville sewing - Kirkton St

Thomas Browlee - Kirkton St
Peter Hastie - Market Place
Robert Morton - High St
Adam Wilson - Braidwood

Thomas Forrest - High St
James Shirlaw - High St

James Bouglass - High St
Daniel Rankin - Market Place

Robert Barr - Kirkton St
William Hodge - John St
George Procter - High St
James Scott - Kirkton St

Wood Merchants
John Martin - Kirkton St
James Graham - Mount Vernon

James Allan bookbinder and land measurer - High St
Thomas Cassels grain dealer - High St
James Dick millwright and engr - High St
James Forrest saddler - Market Place
Gas Works Mount Vernon John Walker secy.
Jean Harkness apothecary - High St
William Hepburn cooper - Kirk Mount
Hugh McMinn painter & tinsmith - High St
George Millar watch & clock maker - Stewart St
Telfor Ritchie nail maker - Chapel St
James Shaw confectioner - High St

Subscription Library Wm. Morton librarian
Useful Knowledge Society J Martin W Pettigrew - High St

Alexander Wilson
Thomas Cassels
David Miller
John Smellie

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