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A pleasant memory

Here's a true tale which occurred just days ago [July 2012] which is entirely due to unintended consequences. Back in April when I was rummaging through the masses of literature and documents which CPHS owns, I found a stack of old school yearbooks for Carluke Higher Grade, and I chose just one at random - maybe not random because it was dated 1950, the year of my birth.

Anyway, it contained a well written story about the history of each of the schools in the Carluke Parish and I thought it would make a fine story for this website, all written and fact-checked - no more work for me, so I scanned in the pages. It's here.

Then I found another tale in the HGS Magazine plus a nice woodcut which I intended to use, but forgot about it. The woodcut was uploaded to a folder in the photo gallery.


Usually at the end I make the picture folder non-visible unless there are images we decide to make public.  Again, I forgot and left the folder public. No big deal, and the stories taken from HGS Magazine were duly published.  Then last week I made a newsletter, only the second since we started this site and we emailed all the registered users telling them (you too?) about some recent changes.

Then this week, out of the blue, we got an email from Canada from the young lad who had made this very woodcut in his art class way back in 1950.  He and his wife had seen the newsletter and decided to browse the website and chanced upon the public folder - which by rights should not have been, and to his amazement found his woodcut of the school (above left) 

The email said, "... The art teacher at that time was Miss Bradford, whose skills and artiistry he remembers very well. She was a great teacher and gifted painter. He remembers the excitement of having his woodcut appear in the school magazine  - Was there another one in the same magazine?..."
There sure was, and we have great pleasure in reproducing it here 62 years later !
Of course I am just as surprised at the serendipity of the events and may I offer my congratulations on his getting his world gallery exposée here today - better late than never.

Thank you Robert. 

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