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A Quick Review of All the Content

A Dogs Breakfast ?

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Thank you for visiting our website and looking at the stories here in our Memories.  We have tried to produce a varied selection of topics, from childhood memories to portaits of Carluke people, long gone, as recounted by historians and newspapers of the time.  Of course a dish which pleases one may be quite unappealing to another. There is a phrase which comes to mind - "A dog's breakfast"  as in "He/she looks like a dog's breakfast"  Let's hope that is not what the whole collection is becoming as we add articles to the site.

So, what do we have to offer you ?

MULTIMEDIA - Look for stories tagged with (video) or (audio)  Those stories are usually interviews with interesting people, but some are about places and activities - Try them out ! We also have newly added a section called Humorous Picks which also includes our bizarre, salacious and prurient past e.g. murders and executions.

We have a number of well written stories culled from the Carluke Higher Grade Magazine of the 50's  here, here and here.
We have stories about the 'weel kent' personalities of the town - Rankin, Brownlee, Gray, Beveridge, Scott, Selkirk and more, with the people who organised The Bowling Club, and the Jeely Works, the Laundry and the Joiners.

There are stories about Law Hospital, our water supply,The Bus service , Camp Coffee and Carluke Chairs.
Each one is slightly different and sometimes has a little humour or a wee fact that makes the story gel. All this, so far in less than a year, and we have tons more history to cover, so for the forseeable future we will be adding stuff which we think you will like.

We tried to organise the topics, but it's difficult. Sometimes a story about a person says more about the place and our Features are a rag-bag of stories which dont fit in either place. Along the top menu you will also find History where we put some topics that are more historical in coverage. You might read a story and a few days later wonder where it went or what it was called, so we introduced our search tool here to help you. You can enter a keyword like Titanic or blacksmith and we will hopefully find which relevant stories contain the word you are looking for.   Though, if at first you don't succeed, try a different word.
The search is hunting for words which start with what you provide so black will find blacksmith but smith  won't.  We are quirky that way.

Finally, if you are searching for great-great-grandaddy and cannot find him, try the Links section where there are pages of other genealogy sites you might try, but come back afterwards to read about the 'ithers livin in his toon, where ye micht learn why he lived here, not just when.

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