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Carluke Ploughing Medals

Orchard man wins 1875 Senior Gold Medal.

James Smith of Orchard won the Over-45s
Section gold medal in the competition
last weekend for the straightest furrow
at the Carluke Ploughing Society meeting.

© 2016 A.A. Smith
James Smith was born at Orchard on 5th July 1829

Died in Govenhill St, Glasgow in 1911.

His Father died at Orchard in 1867 and Mother at Linnside, Orchard in 1856
Used with kind permission
With horse power & breeding being so important to Carluke's economy, it's certain that county fairs had ploughing competitions as a regular feature every year. Here we see that there were sections rated by age to encourage old and young to take part and we know the Duke of Hamiltion presented medals to the winners  here 
If your family has evidence of other competitors, newspaper clippings or medals please contact the website.
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