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A letter from Dr Rankin

This letter from Dr Rankin tells the Board that Cambusnethan Parish was benefitting from feus & rates for land which was rightfully tithed to Carluke Parish. so we were losing monies (and ministers stipends)
30 years earlier Rankin had pointed it out and yet nothing was done about it.

6th Aug 1878
To the Chairman of Carluke Parochial Board
Thirty years ago and upwards I was one of a committee
appointed by Carluke Parochial Board to report on properties omitted
to be afsessed. That report is recorded in your Report Book. One of
the items of Omission was Cobblehaugh and Peilhouse commonly
but erroneously called Garrion (which is a property in Cambusnethan
Parish, more to the west, originally belonging to the Church of St
Mungo, Glasgow)
So far as this property was concerned , the report was not acted
upon because the Board at that time deemed evidence inadequate.

Since that time a series of law suits have run their cases in the court
of session and in the House of Lords between Lord Belhaven and
others, against Mr Harvie of Brownlee et a contra - wherein Deeds
and documents were produced and judgements pronounced, all of
which establish clearly that Cobblehaugh and Peilhouse are situated
in Carluke Parish.

(Previous to 1530 John Livingstone of Jerviswood was in
He disposed of the lands of Cobblehaugh Et a to John Forrest.
Margaret Forrest , his daughter, 11th Aug 1530 sold the same to Lt
Hamilton in Garrion.
These lands then passed through several members of that family
and ultimately into the possession of the Hamiltons of Wishaw fore
decissors of Lord Belhaven.
In all these titles and there are many Cobblehaugh and Peilhouse
are described as lying in the Parish of Carluke.

Another form of proof arises from an ecclesiastic aspect. in 1770
Robert Hamilton of Wishaw obtained a decree of Valuation of "all
and whole the lands of Cobblehaugh and Peilhouse with all parts
and pendicles of said lands of Brownlee Parish of Carluke
Sherrifdom of Lanark. He also obtained a decree of sale of the
Teinds founded on that Valuation on which was allocated the stipend
of ministers of Carluke.

Another ground of proof is that Teinds of Cobblehaugh do not appear
in the slate of Teinds for Cambusnethan Parish while Garrion does
as a separate estate.

There can be no question of any one of these facts and it is for the
Board to see that property in this Parish is duly assessed for the
relief of such as are taxed.

I may say further that mere neglect or ignorance is no bar to a written
I am your obedient servant
D R Rankin

Latin/Old Scots
Et a contra    - And against others
Fore decissors    -  Board of Decision
Parts and pendicles    -  Including Dependencies
Teinds    -   Part of the rent paid to the church

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