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James Allan 1855

Manure, Brick and Tile Manufacturer
(Sequestration Proceedings in 1887)

James started tile manufacturing at Hillhead in 1855. He had no capital but his father gave him money to start up.
In 1860 he took a lease on a clayfield at Braidwood which worked until the sequestration.
In 1870 he took lease of a tilework at Auchengray which worked until the sequestration.
Both these businesses were profitable. In 1872 he started a coalfield at Auchengray. He had a partner for a short while, Mr Hunter. The coalfield lost £2000 in three years, mostly searching for minerals.
In 1876 he started a small chemical works at Auchengray. He erected more retorts to increase output after making a profit in the first year. Foreign competition meant prices declined and he ceased operations in 1883, suffering losses of £2150.
He then started manufacturing cattle cake but lost £20.
He struggled for 10 years but thought profit from tileworks would keep him going. He borrowed £2800 from Hillhead Estate and £300 against his house.

Creditors from Carluke
Alexander Tudhope, Lilypark
John Allan, Hillhead Farm
National Bank
Martin & Symington, Builders and contractors
John Hamilton, engineer, Braidwood
Wm. Martin, Builder Carluke
Thomas Clarkson snr., Brickwork Carluke
Marion Wilson, Lengmeer, Carluke
Richard Gibson Tile Merchant
Thomas Pettigrew, joiner, Carluke
Thomas Morton, shoemaker
McKinnel & Dyer, wood merchants
John Hislop, ironmonger
Alexander Harvey, painter
Dr. Stewart
George Henshilwood, merchant
Andrew Gold, tile merchant
Discharged October 1889


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