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Law Tomato Growers


When mining decreased in the area, miners were given government grants to build 4 long tomato houses.
Info collected at a Law meeting.
1. BOYD Old Carluke Road
2. ? Old Carluke Road
3. John PATERSON Right after Railway Bridge
4. TAM BOYD Behind Church
5. Peggy MCMILLAN Behind old bus garage
6. Jeannie KERR Brownlee Road (RHS)
7. Janette PARK Brownlee Road (RHS)
8. RANKIN at Dandy Row (RHS)
9. Tam CALLAN Brownlee Road (LHS)
10.Charlie LIVINGSTONE Last on Brownlee Road (LHS)
11.STODDART/MILLAR Anstruther Street
12.Westie GLEDHILL Anstruther Street
13. Bert GOLD Anstruther Street
14.BROWN Lawhill Road (LHS from Cross)
15.BROWNLIE Lawhill Road (LHS from Cross)
16.ORR Lawhill Road (LHS from Cross)
17.O’HARA Lawhill Road (LHS from Cross)
18.JOHNSTONE Lawhill Road (RHS from Cross)
18.Jock BOYES/CULLEN Lawhill Road (RHS from Cross)
19.NIMMO? Lawhill Road (RHS from Cross)
20.WILSON? Quarry Road opp. Water tank
21.Robert BOYD At East Law Farm road end
22.Bill RAE Bensilloch


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