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Newspapers 1909 1915

Hamilton Advertiser 1909

We have two interesting newspapers here with a selection of the contents to show you. The earlier one is the Hamilton Advertiser for December 18 1909 and the other is the Carluke Gazette for September 11th 1915. Please note that the images are fairly large and take a few seconds to open, so after clicking on the thumbnails, there will be a minor delay...  So lets get down to reviewing the contents, beginning with the Carluke and Lanark Gazette


Ads here for John F. Drynan Chemist, High St. 
Robert Arnot Cabinetmaker Clyde St, 
R and J Adamson Haulage,
Alexanders Shoe Shop 55 High St,
Alex Aulds Shoes in 56 High St
and the Empire Theatre showing the film made of Wm Angus VC homecoming - It says - -See if you can pick yourself out from the crowd - - Apparently in the early days of cinematography the cameraman commonly filmed the crowds who then went to these cinema shows to see themselves and their friends on screen.


Situations Vacant,
A large Hinksman ad presenting the benefits of Rexall Foot Powder (war-time trench foot was endemic),
Alex Balsillie Draper and ladies outfitter in the High Street,
Russel and Dewar motor cars at the Crown Garage,
R Young Stationers, 
Browlees Drapery.


Patent Medicine   Situations Vacant   YMCA Notice

Richard Dick, Drapers, 66 High St
John Paterson, Shoes, 6 High St
John Gilchrist,  Tailors, 36 Market Place
A Orrock, Photographer, Station Rd
John C Muir, Joiner, Clyde St
John Hislop,Agricultural Tools, Market Place
T Smith, Tailor, 31 Kirkton St.


Class schedule for Carluke Higher Grade
John Pollock, Gents outfitter, High Street
J. Peat, Jeweller, 64 High Street
J. Paterson, Childrens clothing, Hamilton Street
John Safely, Clockmaker, 27 High Street
R and J Adamson, Motor dealers, Union Street
C.S. Alexanders, Clothiers, 55 High Street
Alex Aulds, Shoes and Boots, 56 High Street
Robert Arnott, Cabinetmaker, Clyde Street
Thomsons Jams, Jellies, in Law village
Hinksmans Chemist, for hair restorer


Cinammonds Clothiers, Hamilton
Ford Motors Emporium, Lanark
Lanark Provident Society tailoring advert
A Wilsons, The Peoples Warehouse
The Wee Shop, 79 High Street
James Wilson, 40 Wellgate, Lanark
A. Mieklejohn, Cabinetmakers and Funeral Directors  since 1828, Broomgate, Lanark


Alex S Richardson, Fashions, 51 Main St Wishaw
The ad says you could visit and see their own models demonstrating corsets and lingerie - Oooh La La



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