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The Australian Connection

Robert Burns Statue
About our Statue - Camperdown's Robert Burns Festival 24-26 August 2012  http://www.camperdownburnsfestival.com/about-our-statue.html

 The story behind our statue  Created by the eminent sculptor John Greenshields in Scotland in 1830,

 Camperdown’s Burns statue is the only one to have been based  exclusively on the earliest known portrait of Burns, painted from life, by artist Peter Taylor around 1786. Displayed in London in 1859 by William Taylor at the Crystal Palace Exhibition (celebrating the 100th year of Burns’ birth), the statue was inherited by his son, William Andrew Taylor, who was an early settler of the Western District of Victoria.

    W.A. Taylor gifted the statue to the community of Camperdown in 1883 and it was erected in the Camperdown Public Park (Botanic Gardens) where it remained for more than 125 years. The statue was already in need of restoration when in 2009, it was vandalised resulting in Burns’ dog Luath losing his front legs and Burns losing part of his hat’s brim. Following the attack the statue was moved to a secure location by Corangamite Shire Council and conservators, Cathedral Stone, so that its restoration and future protection could be assessed.   Local residents joined with stakeholders the world over in calling for the statue to be moved indoors for safe keeping. Striking a balance between viewing pleasure, community connectedness, physical accessibility and out-of-hours security were the key considerations in the decision to move the statue into Corangamite Shire’s  redeveloped civic centre. The statue is a community asset enjoying ever-increasing awareness and affection. All efforts have been made, and will continue to be made, to preserve this statue for many more generations to enjoy.

 The restored statue was unveiled in its new indoor location by the Premier of Victoria, Ted Baillieu MP on January 27,


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