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Other examples

Further examples of the sculptors work can be seen below. Bear in mind that the end result came from freestone - that is, it began as a large single piece of rock weighing anything up to twenty tons or more. Click on each image to see full size.

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Sir Walter Scott

By Greenshields.

In the Advocates' Library in Edinburgh - A seated life-size statue of Sir Walter Scott;

Sir William Wallace

Sir William Wallace by Forrest c.1820

At St Nicholas Church, Lanark

His depiction of the Scottish national hero, dressed in a ‘Roman costume with sword and buckler’, was well received by the local population who, on the day of the unveiling, carried the sculptor in triumph through the streets, preceded by music and the banners of the different trades.


Robert the Bruce and
the Monk of Baston

Robert the Bruce and the Monk of Baston  By Forrest   c.1832

 Edinburgh. By July 1832 
 it was listed in the first
 advertisement for Forrest's
 exhibition of 'Equestrian Statuary'
 on the Calton Hill.


King James V and the Gypsy

King James V and the Gypsy  by Robert Forrest

Burns Poetry

Burns characters By Forrest

Glasgow University Museum

Tam  O’Shanter and Souter Johnny and
 Simon and Bauldy, all four
 figures having been re-discovered,
 standing in the garden of a private
 house in Fife.

Burns poetry



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