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Statue History

As is typical for most artists, it is recorded that Rober Forrest died penniless. His works were acclaimed and their placement far reaching, with visibility in e.g. the centre of Glasgow. Moreover in the span of 180 years the prices which such works command can be seen in the article which appeared in the Sunday Times in 1988. Click the image above to read the news clipping.

The two statues from Falcon Hall now command in excess of £200,000 and likely the same for the rest of his works. Not that his work is the extreme example. Watch any of the BBC Antiques Roadshow episodes and you will find that all sculpture, bronze and canvas art is reaching fabulous sums. Falcon Hall is demolished today but judging from the exterior, the architect had chosen well in the subjects which adorned it and the artist who executed the work. Thank you Mr Forrest, your skill lives on after you.

As a footnote, you can see that Andrew Beveridge penned a poem in praise of Forrest's work together with engravings in an illuminated abstract, such was the celebrity of the man.

Falcon Hall c.1904 A big gathering.
The gates to Falcon Hall

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