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Mauldslie Castle 1914 (video)

Mauldslie Castle near Carluke

Carluke Parish Historical Society Presents

9th JULY 1914   (Below, a copy of the text displayed in the video)

The groundwork for this  Royal visit was arguably laid over many years before the visit took place William Wallace Hozier, 1st Baron Newlands, was highly esteemed by all who knew him His genial manner and frank and open nature endeared him to the people of Lanarkshire. A large Stable block containing 22 stalls reflected his passion for horses He was President of both the London Coaching Club and the Lanarkshire Four in Hand Club
He died in 1906 by which time he had amassed personal assets amounting to: £932,400 11/-  (equivalent to ONE HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS in 2013)

James Henry Cecil Hozier
Charles Wallace Alexander Napier Cochrane-Baillie
1885 Private Secretary
1885 Assistant Private Secretary
TO LORD SALISBURY (The Prime Minister)
Mary Houghton Hozier
Youngest Daughter of 1st Baron Newlands
Married 1895
Only Son Of 1st Baron Newlands
Only Son of 1st Baron Lamington
1895 -1901 Governor General of Queensland
1903 Governor of Bombay

James Henry Cecil Hozier, 2nd Baron Newlands of Newlands and Barrrowfield had been MP for South Lanarkshire from 1886 until his father's death in 1906. He, like his father, derived great pleasure in affording pleasure to others. With his political and family connections, the second Baron was acknowledged as a person of considerable influence.

No matter how rich, famous or influential any of the guests at Mauldslie Castle had been, all faded into insignificance when compared to special guests arriving for lunch three weeks before the outbreak of the 1st World War

George Frederick Ernest Albert Saxe-Coburg
King George V succeeded his father, Edward VII, on 6 May 1910

Three weeks before the outbreak of the First World War, King George & Queen Mary were in Scotland to visit industrial areas of the country.
From their Edinburgh base they visited Glasgow Clydeside on Wednesday, 8th July 1914 and on Friday 10th July they visited Dundee Tayside.

On Thursday 9th July, the Royal party toured industrial Lanarkshire.
To allow as many people as possible to see the KING & QUEEN, a system was devised whereby drivers slowed when they saw an official waving a white flag.
The slow section ended when another official waved a blue flag.  The entourage passed through Baillieston, Coatbridge, Airdrie,  Chapelhall, Newhouse, Auchinlea, Bellside, Newmains, Bogside, Law, arriving at  Mauldslie Castle

Access to Mauldslie Castle by the Royal party was via the West Lodge gateway between Dalserf and Rosebank
Two post cards were published to commemorate the visit of King George & Queen Mary to Mauldslie Castle.  Access to the grounds by pedestrians from Carluke was via the East Lodge on Mauldslie Road, close to Mains Farm
No Access to the estate was  allowed: -   After 09.30am for cars -   After 12.30pm for Pedestrians
Throughout the morning a continuous procession made its way from  the Market Square along Clyde Street and through the East Lodge Gateway pipe and brass bands  territorial army national  reserve marched down the drive to the castle Newspapers reported that 5000 school children witnessed the event

"They Also Serve Who Only Stand And Wait"
John Milton

Invited Guests and Estate Workers occupied prime viewing positions
Lady Newlands awaits her luncheon guests
Lt Colonel James Anderson Commanding Officer 8th HLI inspects Lanarkshire Yeomanry
At 1.55pm the Royal party arrived

42 places were set at the large dining table.  The King and Queen were seated in carver chairs at the middle of the table flanked by Lady Newlands, Lord Newlands and principal guests
King George
Duchess of Montrose
Lady Newlands
HRH Princess Mary
Queen Mary
Lord  Newlands

The seating plan for all luncheon guests may be found here
                                         Lady Ampthill
                       Mrs Cranston                  Sir Simon Lockhart
Lady Isobel Gathorne Hardy                     Mrs Graham                 
        Sir Barrington Douglas                     Mr Algernon Law                
              Lady Lamington                        Mrs Douglas
                Colonel Stewart                       Mr Graham
               Lady Blythswood                       Lady Munroe
            Sir Charles Fitzwilliam                   Lord Wimborne
        Lady John Joicy Cecil                        Lady Lockhart
           The Duke of Montrose                   Lord Dunglass
            Lady Newlands                             Her Majesty the Queen
              His Majesty the King                    Lord Newlands
 The Duchess of Montrose                           H.R.H. Princess Mary
             Lord Lamington                            Lord John Joicy Cecil
                    Mrs Stewart                           Lady Dunglass
             Major Clive Wigram                       Sir Thomas Munroe
                   Mrs Buchanan                         Miss Hozier
            Colonel Stevenson                          Admiral Sir Colin Keppel
                   Mrs Despard                           Captain Despard
                      Mrs Douglas                         Hon. Mrs Algernon Law
                      Colonel Buchanan                 The Duke of Hamilton
                                            Lady Louisa Cecil

3.00pm Lady Newlands bids farewell to her Royal guests. Lord Newlands accompanied the Royal party for the remainder of the journey While luncheon was being served, the Lanarkshire Yeomen and the Boy Scouts marched to the West Gateway to form a Guard of Honour Shortly after 3 o'clock the Royal Motorcade left Mauldslie Castle Estate for the final engagements of the day

At 4.15 pm the Royal  motorcade arrived in Hamilton to complete the final engagement of the tour of industrial Lanarkshire, tea with the Duke & Duchess of Hamilton At 5.00pm the  King and Queen left Hamilton Palace to join the train which would return  them to Edinburgh

To mark the first Royal visit to Mauldslie Castle, Lord  Newlands presented a gift of £25000 to Glasgow Western Infirmary, the body responsible for the administration of the Lady Hozier Convalescent Home in Lanark

Music: Symphony No, 6 in  F Major (pastoral ) by Ludwig von Beethoven and reproduced with kind permission

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