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Windsor Cinema

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Who amongst us, children of the 40's and 50's does not remember the Saturday morning cinema ? Pictured above is the esoteric structure of the Windsor Cinema where we played and fantasized around the entrance arches before and after the show. Every town had its own. the Wishaw Picture House, the Shotts Empire, Motherwell's Odeon, La Scala and so many more evocative names - Hippodrome, Rialto, Gaumont, Regal, Pavilion and Empire (see photos)

- Do you remember the hard seats of the Windsor ?  One of our friends remembers the theatre manager in Wishaw walking up and down the aisles with a spay can of Flit, spraying the audience to keep the flea population from annoying the patrons. That was in the days when DDT was still used.

Of course by the mid-fifties, television was getting into its stride and the Pathe Newsreel was no longer a source of news but rather a pictorial magazine of events spectacular and bizarre from around the world. However for now the small black and white TV was no match for CinemaScope and TechniColor with sometimes deafening stereo sound.

Elsewhere you can find on this website, the cinema listings from the Gazette and other local newspapers. Some thirty more years of cinema glory would continue with smaller audiences and better seating
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