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Castlehill Colliery

Castlehill Colliery, Carluke

CASTLEHILL NO. 6 Colliery (Location cited as NS 8399 5217).
Location: Carluke
Previous Owners: Shotts Iron Company Limited
Types of Coal: House and Steam (locomotive)
Sinking/Production Commenced: 1916
Year Closed: 1954
Year Abandoned: 1954
Average Workforce: 422
Peak Workforce: 465
Peak Year: 1947
Shaft/Mine Details: 1 shaft, 91m deep
Details in 1948: Output 400 tons per day, 100,000 tons per annum. 420 employees. Screening: 3 Bar picking tables [mechanized flat or slightly sloping tables onto which coal was tipped to allow picking out of non-coal material and sorting coal by size]. Central washery, Baum-type [wet coal cleaning system]. Baths (1935, for 450 men, with 37 shower cubicles), canteen. Medical service on request to local GP. Electricity previously DC, but now AC and bought from SWS Electricity Board. Report dated 17-08-1948.
(Please note that the terms in square brackets have been added to describe some technical terms).
M K Oglethorpe 2006.

Castlehill Colliery Baths, Lanarkshire: Opened in 1936, the scheme provides accommodation for 450.
Miners' Welfare Fund, 1937.

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