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Banking in my childhood

TSB Carluke, staff work area

Take a look at the picture above, taken inside the TSB Bank way back in the 1960's
Spot anything missing ?   Of course, there's not a single PC or desktop computer in sight.
What there is to be seen are rows and rows of card-index files. Not that the Trustee Savings Bank was alone in this regard. It was the early sixties and the Intel based personal computer had not been invented yet, except for Tandy and a dozen other brands running CPM.
Bill Gates was still at high school, and I was still at junior school at Crawforddyke.

Were you a TSB Bankbook holder ?
Every week we would stand in line at the teacher's desk and put a shilling into our accounts and then return to our desks having looked at the total on Account, dreaming of how we could spend it. But spend it was not for discussion. This was Investment and we were being trained to grow up as canny Scots. 
This was long before toxic Mortgages and zero proof of income which has caused disaster in home ownership. Back then we were building on the premise of Dickens laws of monetary wealth.  ... annual expenditure ...£19 19 shillings and 6d : result happiness.

It would be another 20 years before I would venture into the home ownership market.

But what of the TSB in the really old days?

Mr James Kay was schoolmaster in Carluke from 1789 until his death in 1838.  He was chosen to become the first actuary ( a business professional who deals with the financial security) for the TSB Carluke.

He was a native of Walston and received a salary of 200 merks (£1 2s 2d) per annum to ensure they got a man of abiity. He had been a schoolmaster at Lanark Grammar and was a man of high moral character. One of the first things he did on taking office was to ban the practice of cockfighting on New Years Day and Fasterns Eve (Shrove Tuesday) which had been a feature of rural schools.

In addition to being the Bank Actuary he also ended up being schoolmaster, session clerk, clerk to the heritors, and collector of Poor Taxes (rates). One of the stories about this man takes place in 1700. He had gone to Lanark and while there he collected an umbrella which had been repaired for a Carluke lady. On the way home (by horse) it started to rain so he took advantage of sheltering under the umbrella until he reached his home. He was in full view of his mother when she saw him and opened the front door. She stopped him as he approached saying,

"Oh Jamie Kay, Jamie Kay,Wae's me to live to see you act sic a pairt in this flirdmagarie world. Hoo daur ye stan' afore the Almichty wi' that emblem o' Satan o'er yer heid, to keep aff his blessin's that fa' baith on the just and the unjust !"

As he moved to enter the house the old lady stopped him on the doorstep saying.
"Na-na na it cannae be here, the byre's gude enouch for it."
Being a submissive son he took the umbrella to the stable with the horse and left it there.

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