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Capt. Ernest Broun

Captain Ernest Scott Broun
Ernest Broun was born on December 7th 1879 at Carluke near Glasgow and enjoyed a private education. He served in the Boer War and was later ADC to Sir L Probyn governor of Barbados in 1911. Fond of shooting he was a member of the United Services Sports Club. An original officer with the 2nd battalion Yorkshire Regiment he remained in England when the battalion sailed to France on October 4th 1914 to follow with the first reinforcements arriving in mid October.

The 1st Battle of Ypres opened on October 19th and the 2nd battalion fought some bitter actions in the Gheluvelt area. After a brief rest Captain Broun and his men received urgent orders to move up to the front line again on October 27th
The 28th was spent under heavy shellfire all day, the battalion moving back into reserve that evening. October 30th found them back in the line and an officer was quoted as saying “We little knew what a terrible day it was going to be for us”.
During this day the enemy “poured shrapnel into us” and two officers were killed by enemy snipers. One of the officers was Ernest Broun.

Captain Ernest Scott Broun died in this action on October 30th 1914 aged 35. In the chaos and confusion of the battlefield Captain Broun’s body was never found and he is remembered today on the Menin Gate at Ypres.
Captain Ernest Scott Broun was the son of the late James Broun of Carluke and Mrs Broun of St Mary Abbots Terrace in Kensington and was twice mentioned in despatches.

After his death a newspaper correspondent in Barbados wrote,
“He was a very popular member of society here possessing an exceedingly genial disposition and urbanity of manner. His early death is to be greatly deplored but consolation is to be taken from the fact that he died at the post of honour where a good soldier loves to die”

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