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Wm Angus family story

This CPHS website is pleased to report that plans are under way to showcase our Carluke VCs in early 2014 as part of the UK-wide centennial.  Now, in our archives we regularly scan our copies of old local newspapers looking for period shop adverts and the like.  One such page in our stories here is newspapers 1909 1915 and it happens that someone had clipped the Gazette  to save pictures of the homecoming of William Angus VC, nearly one hundred years ago.

The images are well known now, with Wm Angus arriving at Carluke Railway Station and also in the Market Place. Also included was an informal snapshot taken on the station platform of family members before the train arrived. That picture was shot by a reporter for another newspaper and was not widely published because Angus is not in the picture !

In fact it is a rare image of his family and is titled,
"An interesting group photographed at Carluke Station, showing the sisters, brother and nephew of the V.C."
Photo by "Weekly Mail and Record"

And that is as far as it might have gone, destined to remain in an old photo album. Until July of 2013 when purely by chance we received an email from USA . The writer had spent years on and off searching for any information that might tie her family in USA to a childhood conversation about VC Angus in Carluke.  Could we help with any names ? We replied to the email and included links to cuttings from the Gazette and in fact sent a blow-up of the family group on the station platform.

A few hours later, we received a second email and it included a copy of a battered and damaged photo taken at the Angus home, the very same day that William Angus returned to Carluke.  In both pictures is a little boy wearing a military uniform and the same girls who were dressed in white in both pictures.   The email said that the picture had been in a family album forever with just a scribbled pencil note identifying the little boy as her great uncle.

The picture that was carried by the Gazette in 1915

and the picture of the family at their home

We are delighted to say that this has solved the mystery about William Angus, involving the side of his family who emigrated to America.

The lady in the flowered hat is Margaret (Angus) McLaughlin, who is William Angus older sister. At that time she was the only Angus who had married and she helped the younger siblings in some way.  The small boy in many of the photos is her son, Frederick McLaughlin. He was later known as Uncle Fred.

Margaret ( Angus) McLaughlin came to the USA around 1952-53 to live with her daughter who had left Scotland for Canada in 1948 and moved to the US in 1950.  Margaret lived there until her death in 1964.  William Angus V.C. was their Great ( or Grand) Uncle

Glad we could help !

These are some rare photos taken of his regimental company.

Angus VC  regiment sent the photos to Miss Jean Ramage in Mt Stewart Street in 1913.

Highland Light Infantry, Carluke regiment

Angus and other VCs were featured prominently on cigarette cards of the time.
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