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Jam Festival 2013


            Review of Carluke Jam Festival 2013

Phew, Wow and Golly, what a lot of hard work went into the event on 5th/6th October and congratulations to everyone who attended as well as the performers. We strongly suspect that this is just Festival '13 and will be repeated again in coming years. Those who watched the bands will agree it was proof that a new idea can take hold and be born, but it requires foresight and stamina to get it off the ground. Kudos to the committee for their achievement. If you missed the event or would like to watch excerpts from the music then click here to see sixteen full-length recordings of the bands who appeared in the pubs in town as well as at the concert at the Lifestyles Centre. Our CPHS video DVD is here

OK, it was always going to be difficult to get headliner acts to appear but in having Roddy Woomble come to perform songs from his Idlewild group, it was a great achievement and the backing musicians were wonderful.  But the list of performers was both wide and varied. The Gnomes belted out a performance at the Crown Hotel, as did One Foot in the Groove at the Wee Thackit. At the Railway Inn, Jane Cleland showed she has a marvelous warm lilting voice with clear voicing of her lyrics. Meanwhile at the Lifestyles concert, the big find was Teen-Canteen who brought their own pace and presentation.  The Dukes of Uke and Carbon Copy both played an accomplished medley set of chart hits with great professionalism. Next time, give the horn player his own solo !  The saxophone player in Carbon Copy deserves a greater exposure judging from what we heard Saturday night.

So that's it for this year. We hope you agree that Carluke Jam is here to stay and we look forward to it being a "sticky note" on our calendar [Sticky - Jam - Geddit ?]
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Carluke’s long, jam-making heritage was celebrated on  Friday 4th October  and Saturday 5th, 2013, with the first Carluke Jam Festival, providing a showcase for the community to promote local talent and produce thanks to Big Lottery funding and a generous contribution from R&W Scotts, 132 year old jam makers, we had performances by local school choirs and jam sessions and talks, videos, and workshop/ demonstration on jam-making, face-painting and craft events for children.

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