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Kilncadzow Past

'../gallery/kilncadzoq-pics/img101_th.jpg', '../gallery/kilncadzoq-pics/img201_th.jpg', '../gallery/kilncadzoq-pics/img301_th.jpg', '../gallery/kilncadzoq-pics/img401_th.jpg', '../gallery/kilncadzoq-pics/img501_th.jpg', '../gallery/kilncadzoq-pics/img601_th.jpg', '../gallery/kilncadzoq-pics/img701_th.jpg', '../gallery/kilncadzoq-pics/img801_th.jpg', '../gallery/kilncadzoq-pics/img901_th.jpg' var myurl = new Array(); myurl = Slides; var Stext = new Array(); Stext[1]='Formed after public meeting called on 5th December, 1978 by Mr James Russell, Mr Donald Pearce and Miss Isobel Batters.

\n\nFirst AGM held in Community Centre on 25 January 1979 when name and constitution were formally adopted.

To stimulate an interest in local history and to preserve and make available the history of the parish of Carluke.'; Stext[2]='

1381 Kylcadyow when Robert11 granted land to Sir John Danyalstown.

\n\n1492 Sir Stephen Lokhart of Cleghorn held two merk land of Kilcairdzie.

\n\n1583 Allan Lockhart of Cleghorn granted charter for Kilcaidzie.

\n\n1644 James Lockhart of Lee had land of Wester Kincadzow

\n\n1794 << A Scotch Atlas >> by Armstrong says Kilcago

\n\n1864 OS map says Kilncadzow

\n\n1872 Proprietor of lee holds superiority of Kilcadzow.

'; Stext[3]='James Cross marked here is called St james Cross by Dr Rankin who attributes it to an ancient cross such as would be found scattered around the country in the days of Catholicism. However at his time of writing in 1872, he states that there are no relics of such crosses in existence. \nThe name, and also possibly High Cross, is historical and the origin can only be guessed. The location was opposite end of the road leading to the present Gowanside which on this map seems to be called Langside? The Roman Road is also marked clearly running up Windyhall Hill. \n\nIs this what is now called Kilncadzow Law? It passes through Coldstream, Zuildshields and down past Belstane and away towards Glasgow.'; Stext[4]='637 House nearest the caravans was where the Wallace family lived. Kilncadzow Common. Bobby Paterson, a Canadian, lived behind the Wallace house until the caravan fell apart. He then lived in a railway carriage. 1930s-1950s.'; Stext[5]='638 Wallace house on the right. Row now in ruins. 3rd Statistical Account of 1950s reports that village almost disappeared as houses were allowed to become ruinous and people were housed in Carluke.'; Stext[6]='634 Kilncadzow School, 1881. One of the earliest locations providing education outside parochial school. From 1719 records of payments by Kirk Session to teachers at Kilncadzow. \n\nAt beginning of 19th century both a Subscription school and an adventure known to have existed. Latter carried on from 1836 to 1858 by William Grossart, (father of Thomas and grandfather of Angus) Last admission in log book we have is 9th April, 1956.'; Stext[7]='Old photographs again. Of people this time but who are they? Fortunately I did ask and wrote down who they are. (Please do so if you have not!) \n\nThese are the children of Sam Dempster and Marion Orr who once lived at the Wee Bush Inn. From the back left is Samuel, Adam, John, Robert. Front is Marion, Walter, Helen, David and Mary. \n\nIn 1881 census I had 1 set of great grandparents, 2 sets of great great grandparents and 3 great great grandparents living in Kilncadzow. \n\nThese are from both my mothers and fathers side. Dempsters and Bogles from dad and Ballantynes and Forrests from mum.' ; Stext[8]='641 McFarlanes house behind schoolteachers house. School is second building on the right.'; Stext[9]=''; All images © 2014 CPHS
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