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Lanarkshire Clockmakers

This photograph, probably taken about 1905, shows John Safely(1), his wife Nessie and son James.

John(1) was born in 1846 to John Safely(2), watchmaker and Isabella Blackwood.

John(2) was born in Lanark c.1803-1807 to John Safely(3), watchmaker, and Isabella Morrison. John(2) died on 17th June 1857 in Partick, Glasgow. This was only 6 months after his youngest child Mary was born on 6th Dec 1856.

His wife, Isabella Blackwood is listed in the 1861 Census as a watch dealer employing a man and a boy. One of her lodgers is John Purdie, watchmaker aged 27 and her son John(1) is listed as an apprentice watchmaker aged 15. (Her employees?)

In the 1871 census, Isabella Safely, widow of John(2) has married John Purdie. Her son John(2) is still at home aged 25.

In the 1881 census, John and Isabella are still in the High Street and he is a watchmaker. John (1) is also in the High Street but is married to Nessie and has 6 children. He is listed as a watchmaker employing 1 man. Presumably John Safely employed John Purdie as Purdie is not listed as an employer.

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