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Map of Carluke

In the nineteenth century Robert Forrest was a local Carluke entrepreuer who began printing hand sketched maps based on his own travels on foot across the towns and villages of southern Scotland. On these maps he inscribed not only the villages but also the names of the farms and the places where iron, lime and coal were being extracted for the new industrial revolution taking place.

Each map was printed on multiple cardboard plates with a linen sheet glued backing which allowed it to be easily folded up and fitted inside a leather case which he included in the price. These expensive maps were sold to the newly gentrified wealthy who rode around Scotland on horseback, using his map to identify their surroundings. Almost the beginnings of Scottish tourism !  The map link below takes you to the panel which covered Carluke Parish.   The second later map c.1925 shows how Carluke developed and now had an Omnibus Depot (lower left)

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