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         The 1914-1918 War

We wish to thank everyone who assisted in the compilation of the CPHS book and it has become a remarkable, yet touching, compendium of information. However the work continues. 2017 will see the creation of volume II covering 1917-1919  so we encourage you to keep looking for interesting photos, postcards and memorabilia.

CPHS continues its appeal for any Carluke historical letters, documents or diaries, no matter how insignificant they might appear, to be used in our own centennial commemoration of those who took part. All over Britain and Europe other towns are also taking part, to save this history from disappearing.

We are seeking families who have stories, photographs, news cuttings or memorabilia to borrow and publish here.
All items will be treated with respect, photographed and returned as soon as possible.

What did your grandparents do in the Great War ?
What did they do before the war ?
What changed in your family after the war ?

You can contact us for this event at warstories@carlukehistory.co.uk or click this link.
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