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High Mill Steering Group

The High Mill Steering Group gathered together for a special meeting last week to review our action plan after the recent collapse of part of the High Mill.        
Recommendations have been put forward for potential funding sources to help stabilize the structure in the short term, whilst negotiations are taking place regarding access to the land for more permanent repairs and development    The Carluke Development Trust is taking a lead in completing funding applications for this work in partnership with the Strathclyde Building and Preservation Trust.
The steering group appreciate all the messages of support from the community, from national and local elected representatives, from national bodies such as Historic Scotland and from Carluke’s Facebook followers. The group believes that this interest is a vital part of the future of this treasured building.  The architect responsible for drawing up the various options for the site has been asked to provide a date in April when everyone will have a chance to see his truly inspiring plans for Carluke’s High Mill.  This meeting will hopefully be in the Lifestyle’s Centre.

Date of the meeting is 10th April 2014
Contact:  christine.warren@btconnect.com
One idea which was put forward at the meeting was to create a Friends of Carluke High Mill Group to help with future planning, communication, fund raising events and ideas for the long term sustainability of the High Mill.
It is also hoped that social media routes will be used in the near future to explore ideas and gather memories about the Mill from the residents of Carluke. This information will be very useful in funding applications to illustrate how important this building is to the heritage of the town and to the wider heritage of mills in Scotland.    The Steering Group hopes to be able to publish a date for the public meeting in the next few weeks. Then the growing number of people who have expressed their support for the mill will be able to see how the saving and developing of the High Mill could be one of the most exciting things to happen to Carluke for years!

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