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STORIES Sorted by Name or Most Recent Edit

Arthur Ramage (edited Feb-28-2018)
Carluke Medals (edited Feb-28-2018)
Dixon Vallance (edited Feb-10-2016)
Obituary 1876 (edited Feb-10-2016)
LIFE IN CARLUKE IN 1891 (edited Jan-30-2016)
A Carluke Time Table (1925) (edited Aug-10-2015)
WW1 Angus files (edited May-24-2015)
VC Gallantry Award (edited Mar-20-2015)
Land Girls 1940 (edited Nov-28-2014)
Willie Stewart (audio) (edited Nov-28-2014)
Dyke Row memories (audio) (edited Nov-28-2014)
Mortons Grocery (audio) (edited Nov-28-2014)
Carluke-Russian (edited Oct-18-2014)
High Mill Steering Group (edited Aug-28-2014)
Carluke Family Names in 1751 (edited May-28-2014)
Station Road, Carluke 1905 (edited May-28-2014)
Index of Names(under development) (edited May-28-2014)
Letters to Thomas Gray (edited May-28-2014)
Carluke Market Place (edited May-28-2014)
warstories@carlukehistory.co.uk (edited May-28-2014)
CPHS Weekly image from our 1914-18 gallery (edited May-28-2014)
Past Imperfect (edited May-28-2014)
A History of Jam Making in Carluke (edited May-28-2014)
A Tale of Two Clocks (edited May-28-2014)
William Watson 5th Scottish Rifles (edited Apr-28-2014)
Punch me thrice (edited Apr-28-2014)
The Carluke Friendly Societies (edited Apr-28-2014)
Carluke Bowling Club (edited Apr-28-2014)
The Jeely Scotts by Peter (edited Apr-28-2014)
Dr Rankin by Peter (edited Apr-28-2014)
Workers Rows
Pigot Directory 1837
Miscellaneous Photos
Mystery Man
Punch me ultimately
Who was Peter Welsh ?
Carluke Christmas Music Box
The Cairns Family Tree
Kilncadzow Presentation
(About warstories@carlukehistory.co.uk)
Candermains Tree
Scottish Fisheries Addendum
Fell Family
The Story of Law Village
The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
Lanarkshire Clockmakers
Kilncadzow Past
Jam Festival 2013
Wm Angus family story
Carluke 1808
Dr Rankin Letter to Lancet 1839
Kilncadzow Crime Scene
Carluke Cemetery
9th LRV (Stonehouse)
Capt. Ernest Broun
George Cavan
Coffee Break
Hamilton Clock History
Lanarkshire Clockmakers
Banking in my childhood
Castlehill Colliery
John Brown Wishart
Iron and Steel
Alexander Meldrum
Carluke Execution by Hanging
Cosmopolitan Carluke
Fell Family Tree
Kirkton House
Suffragettes 2013
Kier Hardie (file)
Suffragette Movement (file)
Tom Steele moviestar
Punch me again
Windsor Cinema
The Smithy
Fifties Television
From the Gazette
Tourist Guide 101
My ain backyaird
Punch me
Multi-Part audio
Multi-Part Video
Bamlett Horse-Reaper Machine (video)
Climpy Wind Farm (video)
Glasgow Herald 1866
Mauldslie Castle 1914 (video)
Andrew Hamilton Looking Back
Andrew Hamilton, now of Milton Keyne
Carlukes Early Sculptors
Newspapers 1909 1915
Hillhead Cottage
Carluke Clocks
Scottish Oatcakes
Edward Boyes Brownlie
Wartime Ration Prices
To an airman 1944
A pleasant memory
Ancient Remains
Anither Tale
21 Tales of Wit
Pigots Directory 1837
John Brownlee Story
Robert Moyes Adam
Major Thomas Gray
The Grays of Stonehouse Cross
A History of Education
A History of Education in Carluke Parish
John Bradford MD
Capt. W.E. Elliot MP
Shop Adverts of Old
Carluke 1886 Almanac
CPHS History in clippings
Milk Tokens
The Co-op Story VI
The Co-op Story V
The Co-op Story IV
The Co-op Story III
The Co-op Story II
The Co-op Story
Cinema Notes
Yae Unco Tale
In Memoriam
Carluke Laundry
Carluke Parish Schools
Leisure 1956
Carlukes Water
Carluke H.S. Magazine
Carluke Bus Services
Carluke, Ontario -Titanic victim
Oldest Newspaper in Town
Stewarts the Joiners 1921
The Wages of Kin
Town Criers
Outside Toilets 1914
Law Hospital
Camp Coffee Redux
William Scott Morton
Public Roads in Scotland
The Beveridge Family and The Carluke Gazette
Memories of Mauldslie
Dr Hunter-Selkirk
Burns 100th Celebration
Camp Coffee
Early New Zealand Settlers
What's in your wardrobe ?
In the News 100 years ago
Don Donovan
Ramsays Tales of Rankin
1929 Trades Directory
Gazette - Wee Thackit -1866
Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
2nd Lieutenant Andrew Stewart
The Anything Carluke Database
Carluke Parish Bank 1874
Sports Day 1935
Carluke Town Hall
Postcards tell a story
Map of Carluke
News - Clyde Valley
Carluke chairs
Welfare Hall
About Us
Old Newsletters
Childhood in Carluke


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