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Carluke Market Place

Carluke Market Place is the most well known feature of the town today. Pehaps in the 70's the Rankin Hall and its clock tower was more prominent but today it is the Market Place which is the focal point on Christmas Eve and whenever you pass through the town.
However the Market Place has changed with time as can be seen from these pictures
The most prominent feature visible in the first picture is the war memorial, and in the second picture it is visible on the left. The water fountain is in the foreground of the second picture, behind the white bollards.

In the centre of the Market Place there used to be the open area with park benches and four paths. It is shown in picture three looking towards the Bank Building. This area may have been used for musical events but today it is grassed over
The gas lamp centre (more...)
A view looking from Market Place to the Bank Building on the right, The old County Bar on the left and towards Clyde Street in the centre.
Another view with the Bank Building on the left.  The road in front splits to the left with a side exit with a bus stop on Mt Stewart Street and the main road (Stewart Street) which goes north to Law, Wishaw and Newmains.  In the centre of the  background the large building with the spherical entranceway is the Windsor Cinema.
A present day view of the Market Place with a view of the newer war memorical.
Another view of the present day Market Place. The water fountain was removed and this plaza is in its place.
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