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Letters to Thomas Gray

(1903-1905) Contents of the letters sent to Major Thomas Gray, Baker in Carluke.
A selection of important communiques which paint a detailed picture of the life and times of a small-town Scottish baker. Born 1849 died 1914 He was well known not only for his being Master Baker, employer and business man but also beekeeper, friend to R & W Scott the local jam manufacturer and father to six surviving children.

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Below, you will find the plaintext of many of the letters to Major Gray,

Glasgow May 9th 1905 I am a native of Carluke perhaps an entire stranger to you. Hadelow is my name. My father has been a life time with Col. Stevenson Hamilton. I am bringing my boy tomorrow morning from here to be buried in the Auld Kirkyard Carluke as from 12 to 20 more or less friends coming from a distance outside Carluke. I would like to feed them a cup of tea, say from 6d to a 1/- per head after the funeral is over. If you can supply the same I'll be pleased to hear from you on receipt of this by telegram. I'll not grudge to pay I hope to leave Glasgow by train at 2:15pm due to arrive at Carluke at 3.30pm say Tea at about 4.30pm I am yours truly James Hadelow

Sir Daniel Robertson my father, died suddenly yesterday afternoon at 11.30 o'clock aged 64 years. The favour of your company on Thursday 1st June at 2 o'clock to accompany his remains from this to the place of interment at Muirkirk Cemetery is respectfully requested. Yours Faithfully Daniel Robertson Park Cottage, Muirkirk 3oth May 1905

June 14th 1905, The Boathouse, Uddingston. My Dear Brother I have your note this morning. I called at the insurance office yesterday and left the receipts and 2/6d but have not got the Policy sent to the lawyers hands yet. You will hear from them again before they will will give it up to me. I said I would call on the sadly?? fisuren?? but they will have got it and willing to give it up there . I am sorry to have given you so much trouble. Yours Archie Brown

Trinity Manse 26th April 1903 My Dear Thomsas, You would likely see thar Willie has got in to the School Board with flying colors and there is a meeting called for tomorrow afternoon. Thos Hay of Montrose will be here inthe evening, so we will need to postpone our going to Stonehouse until Wednesday as I have an engagement on Tuesday. If Wednesday won't suit you and Tuesday will then Willie can go on Tuesday. You can let us know by return of post. I never saw Cambuslang so excited as it was over this election I am quite glad it is all over I was saying we would need a day or two in bed to make up for the late nights we have had and in midst of spring cleaning too. Trusting you are all OK Your Affect. sister Margaret K. F. Gray

Lion House, Bradiford, Barnstaple 6th May. My Dear Jeannie, Each day since I arrived I have wanted to write to you but you wiil have heard from Stonehouse that I was here. - Time simply flies - We have so much to talk about. and there are as many old friendships to renew. Today I feel less tired - had the first day or so I was absolutely cuiefs??? - it was as undertaking such a long journey alone - and Jim??? has spoilt me and I do miss him and every hour of the day I am expecting my letters. - I posted a few lines to him by Southampton but I was too excited and tired to tell him half I wanted to - and had I am ??? ??? to start my friesual again. I look forward with real?? pleasure to seeing you all. My first ??? is to the Manse and in a few days we shall ???? places - I want to arrange to see everyone without travelling over the same road twice - I have to go to London ???? and Wales first then Scotland and my sister wants me back here again before ?aiting/sailing for Chile. I do wish Alec was at home- how I should like to see him - I wrote to him before leaving Chile. Goodbye, much love to you all, Affectionately yours Maggie

Muirkirk, 4th Oct 1903 Mr Gray, Dear Sir, I beg to return my warmest thanks to you for your very generous gift to our Bazaar and I hope it may serve as an advertisement to make a greater demand for your oatcakes in the district. I am Yours Sincerely Jeannie H. Gibson

Saltcoats 12 Oct 1903 Dear Sir . Enclosed please find cheque and list. Waddells have got a big hold amongst a number of people .... P.S. I am going to open the Library Society here with an address on "Fiscal Proposals" Trust we will carry resolution against it. It is always worse and worse and would mean ruin to the Jam trade, Biscet trade and Confection trade at any rate. I am sending cheque as they will not come pay me ????

Carluke Original Secession Church Fellowship Association Carnwath Rd 13th Oct 1904 Dear Sir, if equally convenient you might arrange the tables for the Social tonight to run the same way as the chairs are at present placed, that is east and west. You might also oblige me by mentioning to Mrs Angus that we would like a small table on the platform for the chairman and speakers.Of course if you cannot easily arrange the tables as suggested above just place them as best you can. With many thanks, I am, Yours truly John S Miller

Jan 6th 1905 Ardo Brechin Wednesday, My Dear Tom, would you be so kind as to send a box of [oat]cakes here. They cant get them here in Brechin and since tasting them in Cambuslang they dont see the need of baking - There's a certificate to you. and please enclose the account or I question when they will be paid. The Stratkeys a/c is never paid. I have not forgotten it and intended to pay it when we came up but that event has not yet came off. Please put both a/cs together and I will send p.o. for it, Send a p.c. saying when you dispatch them. So you will be parting with Alec this week. You will have got accustomed to such partings. There have been a good many gleats but Alec seems in good spirits and hopefull. then he has a foresense that all will go wellI trust and his health will be restored. He is going out well prepared and ready to do anything. I have a fancy that he will succeed. We are here for ten days- a breaking time. It is very mild. They have had no post, a soft westerly wind. We unite in sending you our united good wishes for Happy New Year. Your Affect. Bro Willie We trust Grace is a wee bit better - remember me kindly to her.

Trinity Manse Cambuslang 18th April 1905 My Dear Tom Unfortunately I cannot come on thursday first nor could I come on any day next week but I could come on thursday 8 days would that do ? Our house is turned upside down and your last letter has gone astray. I doubt there is help for us but to accept the situation. We are evidently in a fix and have little option left. But we can discuss the situation if the decision can be put off till monday 8 days or indeed any day on that week. With kindest regards to all Your Affect. Bro Willie

11th May 1905 RW Scott My Dear Tom, I find my old queens are quite live and breeding. I remember that you have a queen you are not sure about. Well, if you like you can have one of mine It is in a nucleus pist now and can be got at any time. I am only sorry I did not think of KureKing them together and giving you the queen when you were so anxious about one. I have been wretched careless in looking what the skeps were like this year. Perhaps you are going to see bees this afternoon If you let B know I will take out the queen for you.

Hindliesville, 11 Learmonth Place Edinburgh June 1st Mrs Young begs to enclose stamps for 1/7d being payment of oatcakes received and will oblige by receipt being sent,

Postmarked Jun 8th 1905 Crieff My Dear Tom, All right. glad to hear you are so busy. I am so busy doing nothing that I can scarce find time to write, Sorry to hear of your cold weather. You can imagine what we are having when I tell you that I have flitted the table outside and I am writing under a blazing sun which I doubt will complel???? to such shelter. It is chilly during the evenings buy we have had nothing to complain of thus far, We are cycling a great deal and I am teaching Peggy to cycle. You will enjoy the rest here. Come as early on Thursday as you can. With our ?? kindest regards Your affect, Bro Willie

Ardo Brechin July 5th 1905. Dear Mr Gray, The oatcakes have come all right and are just splendid - many thanks. Now would kindly let me know the price, also how much for carriage and packing? and oblige yours sincerely, M M Wingate

Dykefoot 8th July 1905 Mr Gray, Dear Sir, you can have the same places for your bees as you had last year and you can bring them up when you like. I think it is going to be a fine season this year for bees. Yours Truly Adam Sanderson

The Cross Stonehouse. Wednesday Dear Tom, do you think you could manage to get over the gaseliers tomorrow with the van? If not would you run it over as soon as possible. I was down today seeing the house. I am sure it will take them all their time to get them finished in a fortnight or even into any thing like ship shape Downstairs is not plastered yet or is the floor on. However we'll see. I hope we will not need to have a beggersee up stairs again. We are all well. Father goes off to the Assembly on the 19th inst for a day with William. Yours affectionately Grace.

Dear Sir, You will no doubt - be thinking I am using you very badly in not getting my a/c squared ! I have had so very much to do lately that it has been entirely out of my power. But now having got everything fairly well squared I will make it my next endeavour get you attended to. Thanking you very much for not pushing me I remain dealer ?? Yours very truly J B Steel Grocer and Provision Merchant [Mazawattee Cocoa]

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