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Carluke's People and Places

This is a list of all the references to people and place names found throughout our website


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1 ...
1 News Clyde Valley - part2
1 1789. George JardinHamilton Clock History
1 2dBanking in my childhood
Iron and Steel
1½inchAncient Remains
1-15 Jas Keith GrocerA Tale of Two Clocks
1. AIn the News 100 years ago
1.313. Disillusioned AsquithsSuffragettes 2013
1.313.Disillusioned AsquithsSuffragette Movement (file)
1.9MNews Clyde Valley - part2
10 1910 James Keir HardieKeir Hardie (file)
10-12noon? Welfare Hall
10-mileCarluke Bus Services
10. SheDr Rankin by Peter
100Carluke chairs
100Hillhead Cottage
100Iron and Steel
1001929 Trades Directory
100John Fell
100Carluke Town Hall
100Carlukes Early Sculptors
100Iron and Steel
100Oldest Newspaper in Town
100Iron and Steel
100Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
100Suffragette Movement (file)
100News Clyde Valley - part2
100Sculptor Robert Forrest
100Iron and Steel
100Early New Zealand Settlers
100David Forrest
100Carluke Town Hall
100From the Gazette
100Castlehill Colliery
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
100%;Carluke Town Hall
1000Carluke Town Hall
1000The Jeely Scotts by Peter
1000Carluke Town Hall
1000Carluke Town Hall
1000. EffortsCarluke Town Hall
10000John Fell
100thThe Australian Connection
101. SheMemories of Mauldslie
1025 Kings LawCroomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
103Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1033dThe Wages of Kin
1049Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
107th Leadhills Corps 18729th LRV (Stonehouse)
10pxLee Castle
10sGlasgow Herald 1866
10sGlasgow Herald 1866
10sGlasgow Herald 1866
10s. Pop- 1841 2090Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
10thGlasgow Herald 1866
10thCarluke Parish Bank 1874
10thGlasgow Herald 1866
10th Battalion2nd Lieutenant Andrew Stewart
10th BattalionCarluke Cameras
10th Battalion Royal Tank RegimentEdward Boyes Brownlie
10th January 1906ReligionKeir Hardie (file)
10th June 1915MotherThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
10th MarchCarluke Parish Bank 1874
10th November 1909.2nd Lieutenant Andrew Stewart
10th OctEdward Boyes Brownlie
11 Fran AbramsKeir Hardie (file)
11-storeyCarluke, Ontario -Titanic victim
110Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
112LbTo an airman 1944
114Hillhead Cottage
114Carluke, Ontario -Titanic victim
114A Tale of Two Clocks
118Iron and Steel
11thEdward Boyes Brownlie
11th February. TheyGlasgow Herald 1866
11th July 1853.AGreenshields
11th March 1918 Carlukes Empire PlayhouseShop Adverts of Old
11th November 1872A Tale of Two Clocks
11th November 1876Sculptor Robert Forrest
12%October Survey
12%Visitor Survey
12-inchScottish Oatcakes
12. WithDavid Forrest
120Iron and Steel
120Hillhead Cottage
125The Australian Connection
127-38. ForSculptor Robert Forrest
1272Lee Castle
1272Lee Castle
128Iron and Steel
12sCroomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
12thLee Castle
12th JulyKeir Hardie (file)
12th July 1913The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
12th July 1913The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
12th November TheDavid Forrest
12th OctoberDr Hunter-Selkirk
13 Isabella FordKeir Hardie (file)
130David Forrest
132Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
132Jam Festival 2013
133 Crawforddyke StreetCamp Coffee
138Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1381842Camp Coffee
13MoreThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
13sCroomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
13thThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
13thLee Castle
13thDr Rankin by Peter
13thDavid Forrest
13th AprilGeorge Cavan
14 Hiliare BellocKeir Hardie (file)
14% ScotsDavid Forrest
14-seaterCarluke Bus Services
14.01The Fell Map
14.5% BritishIron and Steel
141Iron and Steel
141 17sCarluke Parish Bank 1874
1431907 UddingstonCarluke Bowling Club
144Iron and Steel
144Oldest Newspaper in Town
1479. ScottSuffragettes 2013
1479. Scott hadSuffragette Movement (file)
148Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
149Hillhead Cottage
14hairThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
14thCarluke Parish Schools
14thCroomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
14thA Tale of Two Clocks
14thCarluke Parish Bank 1874
14th July 1924Memories of Mauldslie
15 Keir HardieKeir Hardie (file)
15-minuteCarluke Bus Services
15. HerLanarkshire Clockmakers
150The Co-op Story V
150The Co-op Story
150Iron and Steel
150Carluke 1886 Almanac
150The Co-op Story III
150The Co-op Story
150Suffragettes 2013
150The Co-op Story V
150The Co-op Story
150Carluke Parish Bank 1874
150Suffragette Movement (file)
1500Iron and Steel
1511873Carluke Bowling Club
15121967Carluke Bowling Club
152 The Regional LaboratoryLaw Hospital Story
152 ClothingDavid Forrest
1580Hillhead Cottage
1580 1600.ThisA Tale of Two Clocks
15cwtEdward Boyes Brownlie
15sGlasgow Herald 1866
15sGlasgow Herald 1866
15thA Tale of Two Clocks
15thA Tale of Two Clocks
15thA Tale of Two Clocks
15th Apr 1847A Tale of Two Clocks
15th AugustKeir Hardie (file)
15th May 1873. Such staggeredA Tale of Two Clocks
16 10s. Carluke Town Hall
16 Jean Jane WeddellJohn Brownlee Story
16 Sylvia PankhurstKeir Hardie (file)
16. ICarluke H.S. Magazine
16. ThisCamp Coffee
160Iron and Steel
1600. TheThe Co-op Story II
1600pixelPigots Directory 1837
1600sDavid Forrest
1600sPeople from the past [1]
1607Iron and Steel
1638Kilncadzow Crime Scene
1643Hamilton Clock History
1645mentionCarluke Parish Schools
1651Hamilton Clock History
1656Hamilton Clock History
16567Hamilton Clock History
1662Kilncadzow Crime Scene
1662Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
167Suffragettes 2013
1672Hamilton Clock History
1672.People from the past [1]
1677Suffragettes 2013
1677Suffragette Movement (file)
168Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1682Kilncadzow Crime Scene
1684. AfterKilncadzow Crime Scene
16s.Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
16thDavid Forrest
16thA Tale of Two Clocks
16th February IntenseDavid Forrest
16th OctoberDr Hunter-Selkirk
16toThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
17 The Womens Dreadnought 2nd OctoberKeir Hardie (file)
17-08-1948.PleaseCastlehill Colliery
17-memberEurozone crisis
17. Xcraft
170Iron and Steel
1700.Banking in my childhood
1700.The Cartographer Timothy PontA Tale of Two Clocks
1700sCosmopolitan Carluke
1710Hamilton Clock History
1710Carluke Parish Schools
1719. DuringCarluke Parish Schools
172Hillhead Cottage
1722Hamilton Clock History
1738Sculptor Robert Forrest
175 Cumberland StreetSuffragette Movement (file)
175 Cumberland StreetSuffragettes 2013
1750Iron and Steel
17500News Clyde Valley - part2
1751Hamilton Clock History
1752. TheSculptor Robert Forrest
1757Carluke 1886 Almanac
1758Hamilton Clock History
1759Iron and Steel
1759 JardinHamilton Clock History
1760Hamilton Clock History
1761Hamilton Clock History
1761The Jeely Scotts by Peter
1762Hamilton Clock History
1773A Tale of Two Clocks
1774Hamilton Clock History
1775Hamilton Clock History
1776. The ClockHamilton Clock History
1779-1849Sculptor Robert Forrest
1783 Carluke.Ann Walker MurrayThe Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1785. William PatersonHamilton Clock History
1786 EdingtonIron and Steel
1786. Displayed London 1859 WilliamTaylorThe Australian Connection
1787Iron and Steel
1789Banking in my childhood
1789Carluke Parish Schools
1789-1852 Joe Rocks Research PagesSculptor Robert Forrest
1790Iron and Steel
1791Iron and Steel
1794.People from the past [1]
1794. IronIron and Steel
1796 1828byJohn Fell
1797Dr Hunter-Selkirk
17thCoffee Break
17thCarluke Parish Schools
17th June 1857 PartickLanarkshire Clockmakers
17th SeptemberJohn Brown Wishart
17yearsJohn Fell
18 May 1921Suffragette Movement (file)
180Iron and Steel
180Statue History
1800sJohn Brownlee Story
1803Dr Hunter-Selkirk
1805Sculptor Robert Forrest
1805People from the past [1]
1808PleaseThe Fell Map
1810Iron and Steel
1810 ColefordIron and Steel
1810 ForrestSculptor Robert Forrest
1811 Clyde IronIron and Steel
1815 Carluke Parish Bank 1874
1815Carluke Parish Bank 1874
1815Carluke Parish Bank 1874
1817Carlukes Water
1817Carlukes Water
1817. An 1830Lee Castle
1818Sculptor Robert Forrest
182The Co-op Story II
1820Carluke Parish Schools
1820Iron and Steel
1820Sculptor Robert Forrest
1820 John Preston Neale 1780-1847 Lee Castle
1823. Alexander FalconerSculptor Robert Forrest
1824Dr Rankin by Peter
1824Carluke Parish Schools
1825Sculptor Robert Forrest
1825Sculptor Robert Forrest
1827Sculptor Robert Forrest
1827Carluke Parish Schools
1828Newspapers 1909 1915
1828ItIron and Steel
1829Sculptor Robert Forrest
1829Sculptor Robert Forrest
1829 1311896 881894 George DAVID FORREST Charles Alexander Maggie 1859 1863 1866David Forrest
1830Carluke Town Hall
1830Carluke Town Hall
1830Iron and Steel
1830sSculptor Robert Forrest
1830sCosmopolitan Carluke
1831Sculptor Robert Forrest
1831 3288Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1832Sculptor Robert Forrest
1832Sculptor Robert Forrest
1832Sculptor Robert Forrest
1832Anither Tale
1832Iron and Steel
1832Sculptor Robert Forrest
1832 Merrytoun Hamilton. MarionJohn Brownlee Story
1832 William Tait Edinburgh. ReproducedAnither Tale
18321924 1986 · A. DoreySuffragette Movement (file)
1833Sculptor Robert Forrest
1833; 770Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1834Sculptor Robert Forrest
1835Dr Hunter-Selkirk
1835Sculptor Robert Forrest
1835. LocalThe Genfinnan Monument
1836Carluke Town Hall
1836 1858 William GrossartVB
1837Carluke Parish Bank 1874
1837Carluke Parish Bank 1874
1837Carlukes Water
1837Carluke Parish Bank 1874
1837:ForDr Rankin by Peter
1837Local DirectoriesLanarkshire Clockmakers
1838Sculptor Robert Forrest
1838Carluke Execution by Hanging
1838.Banking in my childhood
1839Iron and Steel
1839-44Sculptor Robert Forrest
1839.Sculptor Robert Forrest
1839. FailingSculptor Robert Forrest
1840Dr Hunter-Selkirk
1840 GlasgowMajor Thomas Gray
1840-50The Grays of Stonehouse Cross
1840. TheSculptor Robert Forrest
1840. ForrestSculptor Robert Forrest
1840meetingDr Rankin by Peter
1840sDr Rankin by Peter
1840sDavid Forrest
1841Punch me
1841Carluke Parish Schools
1841Iron and Steel
1842Sculptor Robert Forrest
1843Dr Hunter-Selkirk
1844Iron and Steel
1844Sculptor Robert Forrest
1846Sculptor Robert Forrest
1846Sculptor Robert Forrest
1846 Exhibition CatalogueSculptor Robert Forrest
1846 ForrestSculptor Robert Forrest
1846 John Safely2Lanarkshire Clockmakers
1847 142A Tale of Two Clocks
1847 ScottishIron and Steel
1848 CarlukeThe Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1848. RobertJohn Brownlee Story
1849Sculptor Robert Forrest
1850Carluke Town Hall
1850A Tale of Two Clocks
1850A Tale of Two Clocks
1850 James Linning Woodman Michael LinningsSculptor Robert Forrest
1850. TheCarluke Parish Schools
1850sCarluke Parish Schools
1850sDavid Forrest
1850sCosmopolitan Carluke
1851Sculptor Robert Forrest
1851The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1851 CensusA Tale of Two Clocks
1851 Census.Greenshields
1854Glasgows Carluke Soiree
1854William Scott Morton
1855The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1855 publishedDr Hunter-Selkirk
1856. MaryKeir Hardie (file)
1857 1858.ItA Tale of Two Clocks
1857 Coats IronworksIron and Steel
1858John Brownlee Story
1858A Tale of Two Clocks
1858-1908Dr Hunter-Selkirk
1859Iron and Steel
1859Town Criers
1859The Co-op Story III
1859Public Roads in Scotland
1859Carluke Parish Schools
1859Carluke Parish Bank 1874
1859. Around 1870Carluke Parish Schools
1859. The TrusteesCarluke Parish Bank 1874
1860David Forrest
1860The Co-op Story II
1860The Co-op Story II
1860 Major James Brown 1862 Major Hugh Mossman 1872 Major James Stevenson Ham9th LRV (Stonehouse)
1860-1925Oldest Newspaper in Town
1860. The 1861 CensusCamp Coffee
1860. The Valuation Roll 1868-1869Camp Coffee
1860sDavid Forrest
1860sCarluke 1886 Almanac
1860sDavid Forrest
1860sDavid Forrest
1860sDavid Forrest
1860sMajor Thomas Gray
1860s Charles BernardGlasgows Carluke Soiree
1860William Otto Reid Sanquhar 1820 1849BLANTYREWilliam Crawford 1894Messrs LamoLanarkshire Clockmakers
1861Iron and Steel
1861Iron and Steel
1861 3111Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1861 6176Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1861 CensusLanarkshire Clockmakers
1861 CensusCamp Coffee
1861. George McQueenThe Co-op Story IV
1862The Co-op Story III
1862The Co-op Story
1862The Co-op Story V
1862. TheThe Co-op Story
1863David Forrest
1863The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1864Carluke Parish Schools
1864Dr Hunter-Selkirk
1865 Mr. John Cox Gorgie MillsSculptor Robert Forrest
1865.Town Criers
1866Keir Hardie (file)
1866Glasgow Herald 1866
1866Glasgow Herald 1866
1867John Brownlee Story
1867Carluke Parish Schools
1867The Beveridge Family and The Carluke Gazette
1867; 600Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1868Camp Coffee
1868A Tale of Two Clocks
1868Iron and Steel
1868-69 Valuation RollCamp Coffee
1869The Co-op Story V
1869Dr Hunter-Selkirk
1869 Haugh-head Earlstone. Went New ZealandJohn Brownlee Story
1869. DuringDr Hunter-Selkirk
187Law Hospital Story
1870Oldest Newspaper in Town
1870Oldest Newspaper in Town
1870 175David Forrest
1870 1874Dr Hunter-Selkirk
1870sDavid Forrest
1870sIron and Steel
1870sDavid Forrest
1870sWilliam Scott Morton
1870sIron and Steel
1870sDavid Forrest
1870sThe Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1870sDavid Forrest
1870s 1930sJune 2013Suffragettes 2013
1870sThe ClydeIron and Steel
1871The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1871Iron and Steel
1871Lanarkshire Clockmakers
1871Glasgows Carluke Soiree
1871Iron and Steel
1871 3423Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1871 7066Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1871 CensusCamp Coffee
1871.The Beveridge Family and The Carluke Gazette
1871. 1871Iron and Steel
1872A Tale of Two Clocks
1872A Tale of Two Clocks
1872David Forrest
1872 Education ActDavid Forrest
1873Carluke Parish Bank 1874
1873John Brownlee Story
1873The Beveridge Family and The Carluke Gazette
1873 toThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
1873. Carluke Parish Bank 1874
1874 Carluke Parish Bank 1874
1874Sculptor Robert Forrest
1874The Jeely Scotts by Peter
1874 Daniel Reid Rankin Dr Rankin Carluke Pub William RankinBibliography
1874-1897Glasgows Carluke Soiree
1874. FourCarluke Parish Schools
1874. TheCarluke Parish Schools
1875David Forrest
1875The Jeely Scotts by Peter
1875David Forrest
1875Carlukes Water
1875 AA Tale of Two Clocks
1875 CarlukeCarlukes Water
1876Carluke Parish Schools
1876Camp Coffee
1876Carluke Parish Schools
1876Carluke Bowling Club
1876 1896The Jeely Scotts by Peter
1876. ForrestSculptor Robert Forrest
1877Iron and Steel
1877 Thomas Annan. John MonroSculptor Robert Forrest
1877.The Beveridge Family and The Carluke Gazette
1878Iron and Steel
1878William Scott Morton
1878Iron and Steel
1879David Forrest
1879David Forrest
1880Iron and Steel
1880Keir Hardie (file)
1880Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1880David Forrest
1880Carluke Parish Schools
1880Carluke Town Hall
18809th LRV (Stonehouse)
1880David Forrest
1880Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1880. ThisThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
1880.SteelIron and Steel
1880;Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1880s Hillhead Cottage
1880sDavid Forrest
1880sDavid Forrest
1880sThe Grays of Stonehouse Cross
1880sIron and Steel
1880sDavid Forrest
1880sMajor Thomas Gray
1880sIron and Steel
1880s GlespinDavid Forrest
1880s.The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1880s.Iron and Steel
1880s. The 1891 CensusDavid Forrest
1881Lanarkshire Clockmakers
1881David Forrest
1881Early New Zealand Settlers
18819th LRV (Stonehouse)
1881Town Criers
1881The Jeely Scotts by Peter
1881The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1881Iron and Steel
1881Dr Hunter-Selkirk
1881 3792. TheCroomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1881 8552. Ordnance SurveyCroomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1881 CensusMajor Thomas Gray
1881. ACarluke Parish Schools
1881. OneVB
1881. ThenA Tale of Two Clocks
1881;Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
1882Dr Hunter-Selkirk
1882Iron and Steel
1882People from the past [1]
1882William Scott Morton
1882.Carluke Town Hall
1883Carluke Town Hall
1883Iron and Steel
1883Carluke Town Hall
1883Carluke Town Hall
1883Iron and Steel
1883Carluke Town Hall
1883Carluke Town Hall
18839th LRV (Stonehouse)
1883Carluke Town Hall
1883 toSuffragette Movement (file)
1883-90Iron and Steel
1884Carluke Town Hall
1884Carluke Town Hall
1884The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1884Carluke Town Hall
1884Carluke Town Hall
1884David Forrest
1884Carluke Town Hall
1884 -Mr GrossartCarluke Town Hall
1884....... AgricultureDavid Forrest
1885Iron and Steel
1885Major Thomas Gray
1885David Forrest
1885A Tale of Two Clocks
1885The Grays of Stonehouse Cross
1885 MarshallsCarluke Parish Schools
1886Carluke 1886 Almanac
1886Iron and Steel
1886Hillhead Cottage
1886The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1886Mauldslie Castle 1914 (video)
1886Carluke 1886 Almanac
1886The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1886Hillhead Cottage
1886.Hillhead Cottage
1887Iron and Steel
1887Iron and Steel
1887 Messrs. WalterIron and Steel
1887 theIron and Steel
18889th LRV (Stonehouse)
1888Dr Hunter-Selkirk
1888Keir Hardie (file)
1888Hillhead Cottage
1889The Grays of Stonehouse Cross
1889Carluke Parish Schools
1889Iron and Steel
1890Hillhead Cottage
1890Iron and Steel
1890 Annual MeetingThe Carluke Friendly Societies
1890sKeir Hardie (file)
1890sDavid Forrest
1891John Brown Wishart
1892Carluke Parish Schools
1892The Carluke Friendly Societies
1892The Beveridge Family and The Carluke Gazette
1892The Grays of Stonehouse Cross
1892 1906The Beveridge Family and The Carluke Gazette
1892 General Election HardieKeir Hardie (file)
1892. GraceThe Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1892.In 1892Iron and Steel
1893The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1893Hillhead Cottage
18939th LRV (Stonehouse)
1893Carluke Parish Schools
1893The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1893Keir Hardie (file)
1893 HardieKeir Hardie (file)
1894Hillhead Cottage
1894Dr Hunter-Selkirk
1894Keir Hardie (file)
1894Early New Zealand Settlers
1894-95Hillhead Cottage
1894.The Grays of Stonehouse Cross
1895 General ElectionKeir Hardie (file)
1895.Hillhead Cottage
1895ForHillhead Cottage
1895LastKeir Hardie (file)
1896Keir Hardie (file)
1896. TheyThe Co-op Story V
18967. GraduatingSuffragettes 2013
18967. GraduatingSuffragette Movement (file)
1897Dr Hunter-Selkirk
1897Suffragettes 2013
1897People from the past [1]
1897The Grays of Stonehouse Cross
1897 James Dunlop CoIron and Steel
1897. TheThe Grays of Stonehouse Cross
1898Dr Hunter-Selkirk
1898 SeeThe Murrays of Missouri River Montana
1898.Kirkton House
1899Keir Hardie (file)
1899 CarlukeCarluke Bowling Club
18AsThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
18cwt 58d 17s 78dLimestoneIron and Steel
18thThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
18thCoffee Break
18thCarluke Clocks
18thCarluke Town Hall
18thLaw Hospital Story
18thIron and Steel
18thCarluke Parish Schools
18thCarluke Town Hall
18thA Tale of Two Clocks
18thDavid Forrest
18th Account TroublesKilncadzow Crime Scene
18th CenturyCarlukes Early Sculptors
18th July 1937The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
18th July 1937The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
18th October 1757. JohnGreenshields
19 ClynesKeir Hardie (file)
1900Edward Boyes Brownlie
1900Suffragettes 2013
1900Major Thomas Gray
1900Iron and Steel
1900Suffragettes 2013
1900Carluke Town Hall
1900David Forrest
1900Suffragette Movement (file)
1900 General ElectionKeir Hardie (file)
1900′sLee Castle
1900sThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
1900sGlasgows Carluke Soiree
1900sTo an airman 1944
1900s. The First World WarDavid Forrest
1900ThisLanarkshire Clockmakers
1901Carluke Bowling Club
1901The Carluke Friendly Societies
1901Carluke Bowling Club
1901The Beveridge Family and The Carluke Gazette
1901 CarlukeCarluke Bowling Club
1902 1956Robert Moyes Adam
19023 CarlukeCarluke Bowling Club
1903Keir Hardie (file)
1903The Beveridge Family and The Carluke Gazette
190311 Queen Margaret College Settlements Invalid Childrens School.GilchristSuffragette Movement (file)
19036.Suffragettes 2013
1904Carlukes Water
19049th LRV (Stonehouse)
1904. James50 Years on the Seas
1905The Jeely Scotts by Peter
1905Lanarkshire Clockmakers
1905. OverSuffragettes 2013
1905. OverSuffragette Movement (file)
1906 AndrewThe Beveridge Family and The Carluke Gazette
1906Keir Hardie (file)
1906Robert Moyes Adam
1906The Beveridge Family and The Carluke Gazette
1906Mauldslie Castle 1914 (video)
1906The Grays of Stonehouse Cross
1906Carluke Parish Schools
1906 General ElectionKeir Hardie (file)
1906. HeMauldslie Castle 1914 (video)
19061914Suffragette Movement (file)
19061914 1972 · HarrisonSuffragette Movement (file)
1906? Town Criers
1907Keir Hardie (file)
1907Suffragettes 2013
1907Suffragette Movement (file)
1907A Tale of Two Clocks
1907Keir Hardie (file)
1907The Grays of Stonehouse Cross
1907Iron and Steel
1908Keir Hardie (file)
1908Robert Moyes Adam
1908A Tale of Two Clocks
1908Suffragettes 2013
1908Suffragette Movement (file)
19089th LRV (Stonehouse)
1908Suffragettes 2013
1908Suffragette Movement (file)
19089th LRV (Stonehouse)
1908 February SecondSuffragettes 2013
1909Carluke Parish Schools
1909Suffragette Movement (file)
1909Early New Zealand Settlers
1909Suffragettes 2013
1909Suffragette Movement (file)
1909Suffragette Movement (file)
1909 CarlukeTom Steele moviestar
1909 July Marion Wallace DunlopSuffragettes 2013
1909-1914Suffragettes 2013
1909-1914Suffragette Movement (file)
1909.Suffragette Movement (file)
1909ThatKeir Hardie (file)
1910Suffragettes 2013
1910Carluke Parish Schools
1910Iron and Steel
1910The Jeely Scotts by Peter
1910. ThisA Tale of Two Clocks
1911Suffragette Movement (file)
1911Suffragettes 2013
1911 JohnJohn Brown Wishart
1911 May Second Conciliation BillSuffragettes 2013
19111844Camp Coffee
1911: The CaptainCarluke, Ontario -Titanic victim
1911WhatKeir Hardie (file)
1912Carluke, Ontario -Titanic victim
1912Suffragettes 2013
1912The Jeely Scotts by Peter
1912Carluke, Ontario -Titanic victim
1912 Domestic ScienceCarluke Parish Schools
1912.In May 1910 RobertThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
    From the Gazette
    1913Suffragette Movement (file)
    1913Suffragette Movement (file)
    1914Major Thomas Gray
    1914Keir Hardie (file)
    1914Suffragette Movement (file)
    1914Iron and Steel
    1914Robert Moyes Adam
    1914Suffragettes 2013
    1914Keir Hardie (file)
    1914Suffragette Movement (file)
    1914Cosmopolitan Carluke
    1914The Grays of Stonehouse Cross
    1914Keir Hardie (file)
    1914Keir Hardie (file)
    1914Robert Moyes Adam
    1914Suffragettes 2013
    1914 1918WithIron and Steel
    1914 1930Suffragette Movement (file)
    1914 1930.SheSuffragettes 2013
    1914 February Rhoda RobinsonSuffragettes 2013
    1914.Suffragette Movement (file)
    1914.Suffragettes 2013
    1914. AsSuffragettes 2013
    19141935 1966 · CAC Cam.Suffragette Movement (file)
    1915Keir Hardie (file)
    1915John Brown Wishart
    1915Shop Adverts of Old
    1915Iron and Steel
    19152nd Lieutenant Andrew Stewart
    1915.Suffragettes 2013
    1915.Suffragette Movement (file)
    1915. AlexanderAlexander Meldrum
    1915. Ask.comKeir Hardie (file)
    1915.ARobert Moyes Adam
    1915AKeir Hardie (file)
    1915HisKeir Hardie (file)
    1915Keir HardieKeir Hardie (file)
    1916John Brown Wishart
    1916David Forrest
    1916David Forrest
    1916.Alexander Meldrum
    1916. ChurchillSuffragettes 2013
    1916. ChurchillSuffragette Movement (file)
    19161919 1968 · LymanSuffragette Movement (file)
    1917Iron and Steel
    1917 December Electoral Reform BillSuffragettes 2013
    1917. Lived Stravenhouse FarmMemories of Mauldslie
    1918Suffragette Movement (file)
    1918The Murrays of Missouri River Montana
    1918Outside Toilets 1914
    1918Iron and Steel
    1918Alexander Meldrum
    1918Capt. W.E. Elliot MP
    1918John Brown Wishart
    1918Alexander Meldrum
    1918David Forrest
    1918Shop Adverts of Old
    1918Iron and Steel
    1918Alexander Meldrum
    1918 quoted The Long March Everyman Whatever GovernmentDavid Forrest
    1918.George Cavan
    1918. .....NoDavid Forrest
    1918. JohnJohn Brown Wishart
    191839:Suffragette Movement (file)
    191839:Suffragettes 2013
    1919Shop Adverts of Old
    1919Capt. W.E. Elliot MP
    1919Shop Adverts of Old
    1919Alexander Meldrum
    1919Shop Adverts of Old
    1919Alexander Meldrum
    1919. ThereOld Newsletters
    192Iron and Steel
    1920Shop Adverts of Old
    1920The Smithy
    1920Carlukes Water
    1920Shop Adverts of Old
    1920. ItsYae Unco Tale
    192030Kirkton House
    1920sCosmopolitan Carluke
    1920sDavid Forrest
    1920sSuffragettes 2013
    1920sIron and Steel
    1920sDavid Forrest
    1920sSuffragette Movement (file)
    1920sDavid Forrest
    1920s Carfin GrottoCosmopolitan Carluke
    1920s CrawfurdsSuffragettes 2013
    1920s CrawfurdsSuffragette Movement (file)
    1920s.In 1905The Jeely Scotts by Peter
    1920sAIron and Steel
    1921Suffragette Movement (file)
    1921Suffragette Movement (file)
    1922Iron and Steel
    1922Leisure 1956
    1922Suffragettes 2013
    1922Carluke Bus Services
    1922Suffragette Movement (file)
    1922;The Jeely Scotts by Peter
    1923Capt. W.E. Elliot MP
    1923David Forrest
    1924Suffragettes 2013
    1924Capt. W.E. Elliot MP
    1924 1957 · CooteSuffragette Movement (file)
    1924 sheSuffragette Movement (file)
    1924. TwoSuffragette Movement (file)
    1924. TwoSuffragettes 2013
    1925The Jeely Scotts by Peter
    1925Carluke Parish Schools
    1925. AsMemories of Mauldslie
    1926Suffragette Movement (file)
    1926Suffragettes 2013
    1926 VallejoJohn Brownlee Story
    1926-27. TheCarluke Parish Schools
    1926. HisSuffragettes 2013
    1926. HisSuffragette Movement (file)
    1926. HisSuffragettes 2013
    1926. TheSculptor Robert Forrest
    192628Law Hospital Story
    1927Suffragette Movement (file)
    1928The Grays of Stonehouse Cross
    1928Leisure 1956
    1928Suffragette Movement (file)
    1928.Suffragette Movement (file)
    1928:MyThe Grays of Stonehouse Cross
    1928? ButSuffragette Movement (file)
    1929Suffragette Movement (file)
    1929David Forrest
    1929Suffragettes 2013
    1930Carluke Parish Schools
    1930Iron and Steel
    1930Edward Boyes Brownlie
    1930Tom Steele moviestar
    1930The Grays of Stonehouse Cross
    1930The Smithy
    1930 1950Kirkton House
    1930.TheyEarly New Zealand Settlers
    1930sDavid Forrest
    1930sDavid Forrest
    1930sDavid Forrest
    1930sKirkton House
    1930sDavid Forrest
    1930s CrawfurdSuffragettes 2013
    1930s CrawfurdSuffragette Movement (file)
    1930s SteeleTom Steele moviestar
    1930s-1950s.;Stext5=638 WallaceVB
    1930s. TheyDavid Forrest
    1930s..David Forrest
    1930stwentyDavid Forrest
    1931Suffragette Movement (file)
    1931David Forrest
    1931Suffragettes 2013
    1931 Good HousekeepingDavid Forrest
    1932Capt. W.E. Elliot MP
    1932The Jeely Scotts by Peter
    1932 Ottawa Imperial ConferenceDavid Forrest
    1932. InSuffragettes 2013
    1932. SomeThe Co-op Story
    1933Don Donovan
    1934Law Hospital Story
    1934David Forrest
    1934 JacksonLee Castle
    1935Carluke Bus Services
    1935 Mrs Train. GuyTown Criers
    1936Carluke Bowling Club
    1936 ·Suffragettes 2013
    1936. Eric RankinLaw Hospital Story
    1936. When AlexanderJohn Brownlee Story
    1937David Forrest
    1937. Kirkton House
    1938Suffragettes 2013
    1938Camp Coffee Redux
    1938Suffragette Movement (file)
    1938Leisure 1956
    1938. JamesThe Grays of Stonehouse Cross
    1939 45 Clyde StreetEdward Boyes Brownlie
    1939 Lanarkshire CountyLaw Hospital Story
    193940Law Hospital Story
    1939wasLaw Hospital
    1940Carlukes Water
    1940sTom Steele moviestar
    1940sRobert Moyes Adam
    1940s SheDyke Row memories (audio)
    1940s SheDyke Row (Part III)
    1940s SheDyke Row (Part II)
    1940s.Law Hospital Story
    1941The Grays of Stonehouse Cross
    1941David Forrest
    1941Law Hospital
    1941David Forrest
    1941 ·Suffragette Movement (file)
    1941 ·Suffragettes 2013
    1942Wartime Ration Prices
    1942Andrew Hamilton Looking Back
    1942 Jean Parker GangsterTo an airman 1944
    1943 Xcraft
    1943David Forrest
    1943Tom Steele moviestar
    1943 -1946To an airman 1944
    1943 641David Forrest
    1943 641David Forrest
    1943 Stewart GrangerTo an airman 1944
    1944Edward Boyes Brownlie
    1944Leisure 1956
    1944.David Forrest
    1944. CenterTo an airman 1944
    1944. SheSuffragette Movement (file)
    1945Law Hospital Story
    1946Law Hospital
    1946Law Hospital Story
    1946Lee Castle
    1947Leisure 1956
    1947s Brute ForceTom Steele moviestar
    1948Carluke Parish Schools
    1948Postcards tell a story
    1948Cosmopolitan Carluke
    1949Carluke Parish Schools
    1949Suffragette Movement (file)
    1949Robert Moyes Adam
    1949. ItRobert Moyes Adam
    1950Kirkton House
    1950A pleasant memory
    1950 Jennifer Ritchie. SometimesCarluke H.S. Magazine
    1950.A pleasant memory
    1950.About 1928Carluke Bus Services
    1950sLaw Hospital Story
    1950sTom Steele moviestar
    1950sLaw Hospital Story
    1950sRobert Moyes Adam
    1950s. AlthoughLaw Hospital Story
    1950s. TheThe Murrays of Missouri River Montana
    1950s. TheThe Murrays of Missouri River Montana
    1951Lee Castle
    1951. Mr. AlexanderLee Castle
    1952Law Hospital Story
    1952.AboutCarluke Bus Services
    1953Law Hospital Story
    1953My ain backyaird
    1953. What50 Years on the Seas
    1954Law Hospital Story
    1954 Smout CenturyDavid Forrest
    1955. SheLaw Hospital Story
    1956Milk Tokens
    1956Robert Moyes Adam
    1956 President William McKay Was PoliceCarluke Bowling Club
    1956. HadCarluke Bowling Club
    1957The Grays of Stonehouse Cross
    1959Law Hospital Story
    1959Carluke Bus Services
    1959. James SmartLaw Hospital Story
    196Iron and Steel
    1960.What's in your wardrobe ?
    1960sTom Steele moviestar
    1960sLaw Hospital Story
    1960sIron and Steel
    1960sLaw Hospital Story
    1960sSuffragette Movement (file)
    1960sLaw Hospital Story
    1960s. The EmpireGlasgows Carluke Soiree
    1960sSpotBanking in my childhood
      From the Gazette
      1962Law Hospital Story
      1962. THE INDUSTRIAL CONDITIONS 1862. ThisThe Co-op Story
      1963Glasgows Carluke Soiree
      1964 · MorrisSuffragette Movement (file)
      1964.Law Hospital Story
      1965Early New Zealand Settlers
      1965 Woodrow WilsonEarly New Zealand Settlers
      1966s HarperTom Steele moviestar
      1967Iron and Steel
      1967. TheLaw Hospital Story
      1969. Over 300Early New Zealand Settlers
      1970sTom Steele moviestar
      1970sVacant page
      1970sLaw Hospital Story
      1970s.1970sTheIron and Steel
      1971Milk Tokens
      1971 BondTom Steele moviestar
      1972David Forrest
      1972. SometimesChildhood in Carluke
      1973Vacant page
      1974. Peter TimmsLaw Hospital Story
      1976Law Hospital Story
      1976Lee Castle
      1976 1984Law Hospital Story
      1976 havingLaw Hospital Story
      1976 Professor WhitbyLaw Hospital Story
      1976. See:Lee Castle
      1976. TheLaw Hospital Story
      1977David Forrest
      1977Iron and Steel
      1978 James RussellVB
      1978 Molindinar Press The ClydeDavid Forrest
      1978-1988.Carluke Parish Historical SocietyAbout Us
      1978. TheAbout Us
      1979Law Hospital Story
      198 ScotsHamilton Clock History
      1980Early New Zealand Settlers
      1980sLaw Hospital Story
      1981.Law Hospital Story
      1982. The North Lanarkshire Division Laboratory MedicineLaw Hospital Story
      1983 1990. ref: 40 PriorLaw Hospital Story
      1984Suffragette Movement (file)
      1985. In 1979Law Hospital Story
      1986s Tough GuysTom Steele moviestar
      1987Law Hospital Story
      1987. Winifred RussellLaw Hospital Story
      1987. ref: 79
      Law Hospital Story
      1988Lee Castle
      1988.Lee Castle
      1989Lee Castle
      1992. Alex McDowallLaw Hospital Story
      1993. TheLaw Hospital Story
      1995Suffragette Movement (file)
      1997 2000Law Hospital Story
      19989th LRV (Stonehouse)
      1998. PlannedSuffragette Movement (file)
      1998. PlannedSuffragettes 2013
      1999Memories of Mauldslie
      19s- Pop. 1801 1756Croomes Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
      19thCarluke Parish Schools
      19th9th LRV (Stonehouse)
      19thThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
      19thDavid Forrest
      19thMajor Thomas Gray
      19thDr Hunter-Selkirk
      19thLee Castle
      19thThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
      19thThe Genfinnan Monument
      19thCarluke Parish Schools
      19thA Tale of Two Clocks
      19thThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
      19thDavid Forrest
      19thEdward Boyes Brownlie
      19th December 1915Dear AlexThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
      19th FebruaryCarluke Town Hall
      19th January 1830Cash House 10.00LegacyJohn Fell
      19th JulyCarluke Town Hall
      19th JulyCarluke Town Hall
      19xxTheWm Angus family story
      1s 58d TOTAL 34s 34d TheIron and Steel
      1s. 10d.Outside Toilets 1914
      1s. 4d.Outside Toilets 1914
      1s. 9d.Outside Toilets 1914
      1stLaw Hospital Story
      1stThe Grays of Stonehouse Cross
      1stKilncadzow Crime Scene
      1stCarluke Execution by Hanging
      1st Baron NewlandsMauldslie Castle 1914 (video)
      1st John WatsonA Tale of Two Clocks
      1st July 1879.InA Tale of Two Clocks
      1st Lady PresidentCarluke Bowling Club
      1st May 1865Glasgow Herald 1866
      1st May 1976. ref: 18Law Hospital Story
      1st November TheDavid Forrest
      1st World WarGeorge Frederick Ernest Albert Saxe-CoburgKing GeorgeMauldslie Castle 1914 (video)
      1The Jeely ScottsBy Peter GordonIThe Jeely Scotts by Peter
      1WidthAncient Remains

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