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Carluke Family Names in 1751

This information is taken from the book Notices, Historical, Statistical and Biographical, Relating to the Parish of Carluke, From 1288 to 1874  See Pages 242 et seq
The following three pages name the families who in Carluke in 1751, lived in a scattering of farms and hamlets outside the main town. The Poll-Tax names the individuals and their trades plus the tax they paid. The actual spelling of names and places is corrupted  by todays standards and on the last page is a glossary to help identify them.  

Some places of residence are nownon-existent, such as " Moore,” “ Tipperknows," " Roialdickes,”,  “ Midlraw,” “ Lonefoot,” “Bankbrae,” "Hyedyk,” "Owerkirkton”, “ Park of Mauldslie,” " Kirkton-mains."
Cristian Craufurd, relict of Umqll Wm Forrest of Mashokmill, for herself her two sons, servant man and woman
Wm Frame, yonger, Miller, yf, for himself and his wife
Robert gray, in Cattcraig, and his wife  and  john gray, ther,  
James Gray,‘in Hairstains, and his wife,
George gilkerson of Stockwell, his wife, and two daughters,   
Archibold Forrest, Maltman in Braidwd, and his wife,   
James Forrest, in Heids, and his famalie,  
Robert Prentice, in Moore, his wife and three daughters, and herd,  
Wm Muirhead, yf, and his wife,  
Alexander Muirhead, in Belston, and his woman,  
Thomas printice, in Mains of Belston, hiswife, and four servants,  
james purdie, Elder, in Braidwd, his wife, and sone,  
james printice, in new bames, and his wife and son
Wm Forrest of Gilfoot, his wife, seven children, and two servants,

james Forrest of hill and his famalie,
Thomas printice, Coater, in Belston, Wright,
Wm Forrest, portioner, of Langshaw, and his familie,
Robert Scouller, Shoemaker, in Law, his wife, and sone,  
james Wilson, there, and his familie,
Tho Forrest, in betwixt the gills, and his familie,  
jo bell, of Waterhouse, and his familie,  
james bell, elder, yn
jo Main, Coater, in Midlehouse, and his wife,  
Samuel Cuningham, portioner, of Midlehouse, and his familie,  
Walter Frame, weiver, in Wicketshaw, and famille,
Tho hutchisone, portioner, in west Kinkadzow, and his familie,  
Walter frame, Coater, in Wigetsluw, and his familie,
Rob wilson, in Kinltadzow, and his familie,  
Alexer Cuninghamc, yn and his familie,  
Wm Kaidyow, portioner, yn  
Wm wilson, yn. and his familie,   
Wm forrest, of Orchyeard, and his familie,  
jo Finlay, in muirsykehead, and his familie,   
Wm Bumlie, in bourigemilne,        
Wm haddock, portioner, of easterseatt, and his familie,   
james Purdie, younger, portioner, of braidwood, and' Wm Yong, smith, yn and yr families,  
Alexer Steil, in St Oswald’s chappell, and his familie,  
jo Steven, in Langshaw, and his familie,  
Rob Forrest, portioner, of braidwd, and his familie,
Tho Prenties, in Hyndshaw, and his familie,  
james Lang, weiver, yn and his familie,  
Wm Walker, yn and his wife,   

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