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Carluke Family Names in 1751

Cristen Arokel, in Langshaw, and her daughter,
Tho Muirhead, in Bowridge, and his familie, children, and servants,  
Wm brown, in Shilhells, and his familie, 2 ch 2 servants   
Tho russel, portioner, in Yeilshiell, and his familie, ·
Alexer forrest, portioner, of braidwd, and familie,  
jo Davieson, portioner, of brownlee, his familie, and sones,
Rob Gilkerson, in Heids, and his familie,  
john forrest, masson, in heidsmuir, and his familie, ·   
james Wilson, yn and his familie,    
Robert weir, Shoemaker, portioner, in Lansha, and familie,  
Andrew Graham, in Garrein, for his lands in Carluke parish,  
james Paterson, in heidsmuir, and his familie,  
Alexer Muirhead, in hinshaw, and his wife,  
james Scott, in Sandilandgate, and his wife,
Rob Paterson, in Hinsha, and his wife,  
George Keir, in Lie, and his familie,  
james Anderson, yn and his familie,    
john Prentis, in gair, his wife, daughter, and  herd,
Thomas Allan, yn and his wife,  
john Rankin, Cotter, in Bogside, and his wife,  
Wm Rankin, yr and his wife,     
john Finla  in Badsha, and his familie,  
john Gilkerson, Smith, in Weitsha, and his familie,  
Rob Finla, in Tipperknows, and his familie,
The Laird of Maldsley, his Chamberland, and servants,  
Wm Gilkerson, in Weitsha, and his familie,  
james Dobie, Shoemaker, in Straehouse, and his wife,
Rob Gray, in Weitsha, and his familie,   
john Whitford, in Millhill, ol` Milton, and his familie,
Gavin Davidson, in Brownlie, and his familie,  
The Laird of Kirktoun, for himself and his three sisters,   
john Gurney, his servant,  
Marion Bartram, his servitrix,   
Donald McComlosse his boy in livrie,
Mr john Scott, Minister at Carlouk, and his familie, ·
Susanna Cheisley, relict of umqu Mr Peter Kid, late Mr yr, and her familie,   
Mr Robert Carmichael, Schoolmaster at Carlouk,
Wm rankin, in Kirkton·mains, and his familie,  
Helen Whitford, his servant,
Wm brownlie, Smith, in Carlouk, and his familie,  
james Armstrong ur
Tho persel, merchant yr, and his familie,   
jonet bell, his servant,   
Thos Dobie, yr, and his familie,   
jo: Lightbodie, Shoemaker yr,   
Walter russel, merchant yr, and his wife,
jo Weir, in Overkirkton, and his l'amily,   
Wm King, massone, and his familie,  
jo hart, Shoemaker, in hurlasyke, and his familie,  
james Legat, in hillhead, and his familie,  
james Prenties, Shoemaker yr, and his familie,
Robert Prenties, yr,  
Robt Scot, wever yr, and his familie,   
Marion Lonimure, in hynshaw, and her children,  
Robert brownlie, her servant,  
james arbuckle, coater, and his wife,   
john Paterson, Wiever, in bouridge, and his familie,
janet hamilton, coater yr,   

Wm Kaidzow, portioner, cf  Yeilshill, and his family,  
]o hinshilwood, portions: yr, his mother, and yr familie,
james Corr in Wigitshaw, and his Familie,  
Jean Prenteis, spouse of Jo Dalziel, dragonne for herself and land,  
Catheren Dickson, in roialdickes, herself and land.,   
Jo Capie, in boumanhirst, as he hes listed himself  
Wm martein. portioner. of easterseat. and his familie, and Thomas martein, yr, his wife and son,
Jo Gowan, in midlehouse, and his familie on his children dying immediately after lifting,  
Robert ]ohnston, in taunhill, his wife and son
Jo haddock, elder, portioner, of easterseat his familie and his daughter,   
The Laird if Wegetshaw,   
Jo Ingrem, yr,  
George Ingrern, yr,  
Jo forrest, ther, and his familie,   
David Rankln, yr, and his familie,  
Wm Paterson, in Midlehouse,
Alexer hamilton, younger, in Wigetshaw, and his familie,  
Alexer hamilton, elder, yr, and his Familie,  
Janet Wilson. in Westerhouse.    
Wm Douns, in Gair, and his familie,   
Thomas Scott, couper, in Wigetshaw, and his familie. ·
Jo Gray, of Colstream, and his familie,  
james russel, tennent in Kinkadzow,  
Wm Tomson, in park Mauldsley, and his wife
james beown, portioner of braidwood, and his son,·
Agnes Fleamin , Lyferentrix yr, ·  

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