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A Carluke Time Table (1925)

If you were asked to answer the following,
  • When is the next train to Glasgow ?
  • What is the phone number of a Carluke dentist ?
  • How many buses run from Peebles to Broughton ?

you would no doubt use Google to discover the answers and you can bookmark the results for future use. Technology has therefore provided us with easy access to an unlimited array of information in our lives.
Back in 1925 your grandpappy simply dipped into his waistcoat pocket and retrieved his personal  Carluke Instant Information Centre, available from the Gazette Office for the princely sum of one penny, a mini almanac crammed with 18 pages, accessible in seconds.

OK, not exactly the internet of things, and in 1925 the new-fangled phone was attached to the wall and you were connected via the switchboard operator at the Carluke Exchange in Clyde Street. There were only a few telephone wires strung between Carluke and Wishaw so at busy times she would need to call you back later when a line became available.
Rail Service
1925 was to an extent the golden age of  technology.  London Midland and Scottish ran passenger trains stopping at hundreds of locations in Scotland. It was the primary method of distributing newspapers, mail and fresh food, especially strawberries picked daily in the Clyde valley and destined for the tearooms of London.

The telephone became a feature of businesses trading in Carluke and soon became a status symbol with a listing here in the  ABC directory.  Besides which, Lord Newlands could now place his order by phone from London and so fresh laundry, ham and baked goods became daily humdrum items carried in the Guards Van to London.

Road Service

From the railway station a fleet of motor coaches from five companies ran a regular bus service to the outlying villages. Your granpappy now had access to the known world  at the speed of an express train from one end of the country to the other.  He might live in a thatched house with oil lights and an outside toilet but he became capable of reaching Royalty.

Imagine the scene, a group of Carluke worthies standing at the bar in the Black Bull when one or more fish out their alnamac and then declare "Aye, Wullie is correct, there is a train stopping at Braidwood at 7.20 on Saturdays"

Phone Service
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ABC Phone directory
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