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Carluke Parish Bank 1874


Carluke Parish Bank

'the ancestor' of the Trustee Savings Bank

Reprinted by G G Russell from an original copy of
Rankin's 'NOTICES Historical, Statistical & Biographical etc' (1874)


“ON the 10th day of March, 1815, a Savings' Bank was established, under the name of "Carluke Parish Bank." The initiatory proceedings have been preserved, a copy of which follows:

Carluke Kirk, 10th March, 1815

"At a numerous and respectable meeting of Gentlemen, Heritors, and Kirk Session, and others, inhabitants of the parish of Carluke, in order to Establish a parish Bank, for saving of industry,

Norman Lockhart, Esq., in the Chair,

The president, in an able manner, proceeded to state to the meeting the propriety of such an Establishment, the advantages resulting from it, and the great success which the scheme had met with in other parishes, and the happy consequences which he contemplated would result from it in this; and having read several Rules and Regulations, which he considered necessary to be observed in conducting and management of the Bank, Mr. Lockhart was followed by the Rev. James Walker, who, in a very elegant and energetic speech, pointed out the many and great advantages resulting from every view which he took of the subject, and strongly recommended the scheme as productive of industry in the young, providence in the middle-aged, and consolations in the old.

The meeting then nominated:-

The Right Hon. The Earl of Hyndford, Governor.

Thomas Steel, Esq., of Waygateshaw, D. Govemor.

Mr. William Ross, Carluke, Treasurer.

As Directors :-

The Rev. Eber Dauson,

Mr. Robert Morton,

Mr. James Kay,

Mr. William Hamilton,

Mr. Lockhart Stodart,

The Rev. James Walker,


as Council :-

Sir Alexander Mac Donald Lockhart, Bart., Lee.

Sir James-Steuart Denholm, Bart., Coltness.

Norman Lockhart, Esq., Carnwath.

Colonel Robertson, of Hallcraig.

Robert Bell, Esq., Braehead.

James Harvic, Esq., Brownlee.

James Gilchrist, Esq., Gillfoot.

John Gilchrist, Esq., Orchard.

Archd. Gilchrist, Esq., Stockwell.

John Smellie, Merch, CarIuke.

James Cassels, Baker, Do.

James Ross Esq., Langside.

Robert Hamilton, Law."


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