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This page is a bibliography of references to Carluke Parish

" NOTICES Historical, Statistical & Biographical relating to the Parish of Carluke, from 1288 till 1874 " by Daniel Reid Rankin (Dr Rankin) of Carluke - Pub by William Rankin, Glasgow, in 1874 - long out of print but available from various sources in a facsimile edition, sometimes without proper accreditation. This is the definitive Victorian Parish history of Carluke, written partly in response to the publication of Irving and Murray's 'Upper Ward of Lanarkshire' , by the noted Surgeon, Antiquarian, and Paleontologist, D. R. Rankin, who lived at the corner of High Street and Market Road in the Town. He was a 'weel kent' and well loved figure in and about the Town.

The text is readable, once you attune yourself to Victorian phraseology, and full of anecdotal material in some parts, some others in great chronological detail. Following his preface, he has chapters on :- General Topography, Archeology, Reformation and Revolution, the Kirks, Teinds (Taxes payable on land to maintain the Church), Ministers, Schools and Schoolmasters, Mauldslie, Belstane, Braidwood, Waygateshaw, Milton Lockhart, Kirkton, Hallcraig, Brownlee, Kilcadzow, Hospital-Shields, Hyndshaw, Carluke (the Burgh), Carluke (the Village), A Social nd Agricultural Retrospect , Charitable and Educational Mortifications, Provisions for the Poor, The Parish Bank (reproduced on this Site) , Biographies - Major Weir (the 'Wizard') ; Major General Roy ( of Ordnance Survey fame ) ; Robert Forrest (Sculptor and protege of Sir Walter Scott) ; John Greenshields (The Clydesdale Sculptor) ; Wm R. Lightbody (the boy Poet)

In all, some 332 pages of information rich, Carluke history - an essential read for anyone interested in Carluke that should be in every Carluke household. GGR.

"Map of a Nation - a Biography of the Ordnance Survey" - pub by Granta Publications , London, - ISBN 978 1 84708 098 1 , - in 2010 (at £25) - This is the most recent research of the development of scientific map making using triangulation as a survey method. Major General William Roy ( often called the Father of the Ordnance Survey ) was the son of the Factor on the estate at Milton (Milton Lockhart) in the Parish. Much of this book is devoted to a description of  the earliest years ( before the French Revolution ) of the Ordnance Survey , the development of scientific map making and Society of the period, explaining how the young Roy became involved via local connections and how he developed the techniques of modern surveying for the Military establishment of the time.

A good read that goes beyond the map making into the workings of the Royal Society, the Military Establishment and the Scotland of Dundas and other well known Scots historical figures, around which Roy's life was entwined.GGR

Discovering the River Clyde
By Innes Macleod & Margaret Gilroy.
published by John Donald Ltd Edinburgh. 1997 isbn 0-85976-333-1
Ref: Chapter six pp79-95 for Carluke, Dalserf

  'Upper Clydesdale : A History and a Guide' by Dr. D Martin Pub 1999 by Tuckwell Press Ltd - ISBN 1 86232 057 8
The late Dan Martin, (Dr. Martin) Mathematician,  Historian,  collector of Carlukian history and  latter day successor to Dr. Rankin produced this from his lifelong  knowledge of the Upper Ward.  There  remains much to be written in further volumes, which, alas,  with the loss of Dan Martin, we shall never see in print ...

See especially Ch 4, 5 and 9. for Carluke references ...

'Lanarkshire's Mining Legacy' - by Guthrie Hutton ; Pub by Stenlake Publishing 1997 - ISBN 1 84033 015 5
A collection of images of scenes and places from the coal mining history of the County -  pp38-39 has pictures of the small, private mines at Gillfoot (1957) in Braidwood and Catcraig as well as many, many more of the collieries and miners all around the neighbouring parishes.

'Carluke in Old Picture Postcards' - By Margaret Logan and Christine Warren of CPHS - Second Edition  - ISBN 90 288 3421 4 - Pub in the Netherlands 1988
The first book of old images of Carluke with over 70 images from postcard and other originals An invaluable view of the old Carluke and its surrounding villages.

'Bygone Carluke' - by Iain Sommerville and Christine Warren - ISBN 1-872074-09-X - Pub 1991 by Stenlake Publishing
Even more intriguing images of the old Town and Braidwood from the CPHS collections and the encyclopaedic imagery of Iain Sommerville's lifetime collection.

'Carluke - Pictures from the past' - Pub by CPHS in 2010 - More still from the pictures of Carluke, Braidwood, Law, Yieldshields and out around Carluke ... The latest collection of memorable images from the Society, on sale locally and to order from CPHS - by Christine Warren with help from J Barr, W. Harrison, J McIntosh, J Stevenson, J McNulty, M Benyon, G Kennedy, C Shanks, K Thomson, J Sommerville and others

'Bygone Clyde Valley - the Orchard Country' - by Kenneth Liddell - ISBN 1-872074-06-5 - Pub. by  Stenlake Publishing 1991
Wonderful views of the old Valley and its villages, including Garrion, Dalserf, Mauldslie,  Rosebank,  Carluke,  Crossford,  Hazelbank,  Stonebyres,  Kirkfieldbank !




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