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The Anything Carluke Database

Here's an idea. Visitors to this website generally have a couple of things in common. Either they have family ties back to Scotland, or an interest in the history of this parish, or they arrived here searching for Rankin or RW Scotts or some such phrase.

Our Forum:  Now CPHS is giving you an opportunity to add whatever you like to our searchable database, be it family or facts or your facebook page. Once this part of the database gets going, we will sort the results by city, by name by topic and publish it where we can all see what's important to us.
Link - some of your replies 

So here goes, starting with a simple forum questionnaire.



Forum - Tell us anything

 Take our quick survey and answer any questions if they are relevant

What country are you in now ?
Are you descended from emigrants from Scotland ? Check=Yes
Your prime interest is history Check=Yes
Your prime interest is genealogy Check=Yes
Forum Topic - - put a brief topic description here
Forum Text - - Tell us anything you like regarding Carluke Scotland or any of the other Carluke towns arounf the world, Links to any picturea, Details about Family names,
Where in your country,first settled, work your grandparents did
Are you finding what you are looking for?
Do you have old documents or photos from Scotland?
In fact, A N Y T H I N G !

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