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Memories of Mauldslie

Mrs Betty Anderson’s Memories of Mauldslie Castle.

(Born Betty Ballantyne, 1917. Lived at Stravenhouse Farm until 1925.)

As dictated by Betty herself, aged 95, in January 2012.

Pettigrew was the gamekeeper. He had a bungalow on the estate. The kennels had Labradors and ferrets were also kept for hunting.
Game from the estate was sent to London by train, as were the butter and eggs from the farm dairy. The food supplies were sent with the returning laundry baskets as the dirty laundry was sent up for washing from the London house!

 In charge of the dairy was Martha Munro who died at Cleland Hospital aged 101. She had two maids working to her.

Stewart was a coachman.
Fairbairn was the farm manager. Mrs Fairbairn was a teacher.
Elder was a carter.
Muirhead was a joiner.

There was an annual treat in June for the children. There were races, games at the skating/curling pond. They would also be shown round the hothouses where they could see the grapes growing.

NOTE: Dr Dan Martin (pg. 115 `Upper Clydesdale, a History and a Guide` pub. 1999, Tuckwell Press) says that at this period the estate workers of the 2nd Lord Newlands were happy and well cared for `knowing Lord N. would come to their rescue in any time of trouble`. He lists 11 indoor staff, 4 laundrymaids, 5 gardeners, 2 coachmen (see coach pictured), 2 carters, 1 forester, 1 shepherd, 1 mole-catcher and 1 painter.


Employees were given
a Mauldslie cream jug
as a gift.

When Mrs Anderson’s father was accidentally killed in a shooting accident on Monday, 14th July 1924, the young laird of the Carmichael Anstruther Estate, Sir Windham, sent a letter of sympathy from Italy. (Stravenhouse Farm was at that time part of the Carmichael Anstruther Estate.)

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