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Public Roads in Scotland

These images are extracts from a Google pdf in the public domain.

In 1859 a report was published about the roads and turnpikes in Scotland.

It covers all the counties in Scotland and reproduced here are a few sections 

of interest to Carluke and Crossford. Click on the images to enlarge the picture

You can search for the Google document by clicking on this link





Here are brief details of the cost and the income for the five tolls comprising the section called the Carluke Turnpikes

Similarly here are details of the turnpike at Crossford Bridge

This page tells how it was felt about applying a tax on horses. It was obviously another unwelcome tax and the commissioners said so.

 The text in the body of the book tells as much about Scotland as does the fact and figures in the tables. Well worth browsing or downloading the pdf for anyone interested in the history of Scotland.

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