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Camp Coffee Redux

While the story of Camp Coffee is interesting, Googling the name produced some interesting results. First there are a score of images out there, posters, sheet metal railways adverts and more. To see the collection of images click here to view the folder. Looking at these designs, there are obvious parallels with Parisian art nouveau such as Moulin Rouge so its likely they are of similar age.

Then there are wartime (Land Army) and post-war newspaper ads which are of interest for the product but also show an attempt to market the item to busy Dads in the 40's and 50's. Nescafe feeze-dried coffee appeared in 1938 so maybe these kinds of newspaper ads were an attempt to combat the competition. Which leads us to perhaps the most bizzare newspaper advert below.


The newscopy reads as follows,

Charades or Forfeits, Blind Man's Bluff or Queen of Sheba --whatever the game may be, "Camp" is the Coffee your guests will appreciate afterwards.

More and more hostesses are serving "Camp" nowadays, because it is always such good coffee--and so easy to make, without leaving the jolly crowd for more than a moment.

At Dances, too, "Camping out" has quite taken the place of "sitting out." There is no refreshment more really refreshing than a cup of "Camp" Coffee.

"Camp" is made by experts, from coffee beans of the finest quality. You have only to add hot water and it's ready to enjoy.

Be sure to order a bottle of "Camp" Coffee in time for your New Year festivities.

But even more interesting than that--and more than a little baffling--is the description of the game "Queen of Sheba."

How to play "Queen of Sheba"

Every guest except the veiled "Queen" and her attendants goes out of the room. Each then returns, to kneel with uplifted hands on the rug before the Queen, and to ask her three questions, to which she must answer Yes or No. At the third question, the man at the end gives the rug a sudden pull--and then the fun begins!

Hmmm in Carluke ?

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