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Law Hospital

Wartime Image taken by the Luftwaffe in 1940

Buried in the archives for the Luftwaffe during WWII there are aerial reconnaissance photos of Law Hospital near Carluke. Incorrectly identified as an army barracks, Law hospital had been constructed as a wartime military hospital to handle the expected huge casualties of mechanized war.

Fortunately, Law Hospital, built in 1939 was never actually bombed, though Clydeside and Glasgow were blitzed in 1941, so perhaps the Luftwaffe records were revised.

By the time Law Hospital was in use as a public hospital in 1946 and as part of NHS in 1948 though 2001 the buildings, constructed of asbestos roofs and concrete brieze-block walls, became a mainstay hospital service under the NHS servicing Lanark, Carluke and Wishaw precincts for tens of thousands of people.


Modern day Law Hospital prior to closure
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