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The Wages of Kin

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The Employees - Thomas Bankier, K. Caig, T. Frame, A. Stoddart, G. Gray,N. Fordyce, N Yule, W. Gardiner, J.L. Thomson, D Clark, A. Brown, J. Pirie, R. Paterson, J. Clark, R. McDowall, T. Gibson, S. Forrest, R. Milton, A. Stoddart, H. Paterson, J. Forrest, J. Russell, A. Fleming.

Foreman - Thomas Bankier,
Joiner - K. Caig,               Clerk      - A. Fleming,       
Joiner - T. Frame,             Apprentice - R. Paterson,
Joiner - A. Stoddart,          Apprentice - J. Clark, R.
Joiner - G. Gray,               Apprentice - R. McDowall,   
Joiner - N. Fordyce,           Apprentice - T. Gibson,  
Joiner - N. Yule,                Apprentice - S. Forrest, 
Joiner - W. Gardiner,         Apprentice - R. Milton,  
Joiner - J.L. Thomson,       Apprentice - A. Stoddart,
Joiner - D. Clark,              Apprentice - H. Paterson,
Plumber - A. Brown,          Shop Boy - J. Forrest,   
Driver - J. Pirie,                Shop Boy - J. Russell,   

This is a page from the weekly wages account book at Stewarts Joiners (Union Street) in Carluke in 1936

Thos Bankier the foreman was in charge of nine joiners, one plumber, one driver, eight apprentices, the two shop boys and the clerk.


As you can see, the clerk was using a Collins wages book but she needed to do the wages on a Thursday night and so her week begins Friday through Thursday and she writes in the days and dates to suit. Since so many companies paid wages on a Friday, you would think Collins would have a wages book marked in this way.

Over on the second sheet, the clerk breaks down the deductions for each person and on the far right she has developed a summary of the total deductions for health insurance and unemployment insurance. Again you would think that Collins might have s similar feature in a wages book, but she is doing it manually as you can see.



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