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The Wages of Kin

Old-Money Ledger book

Probably the clerk used a ready reckoner to calculate the wages, with lookup tables for different rates of wages. This way she would avoid errors  Remember this is "Old" money, try it for yourself.

53 Hrs at 1s 7½d per hour equals 1033d and a ha-penny

Divide by 240d to a pound results in £4 6s 1½d   Now think of that calculation every day in banks, No wonder we went over to decimalization.

On this particular week the clerk has annotated that one of the Shop Boys is being promoted to Apprentice. Note also that the Shop Boys work a flat 44 hour week while the Apprentices appear to be regularly be doing 11 hours per day. I will try to discover what they did during the extra hours.  The clerk has received an extra 5 shillings annotated as increase.


Finally the driver has an annotation as follows

3 hrs overtime paid
should be paid 6 because Balance
next week

Not sure what this means but will attempt to discover ...

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