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Oldest Newspaper in Town

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A number of years ago, one of our CPHS members found some scraps of newspaper lining an old chest of drawers. Luckily the find was recognised as important and so the few pages ended up in the archives of the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The publication was The Carluke Chronicle and Strathclyde Advertiser dated Saturday March 5th 1870.

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At the time, the newspaper or broadsheet cost one penny. In todays money that would be around £2.50 or $4.00 per copy. Considering a labourers income of £10 per year or a business owners income of £100 per year we wonder who bought the Chronicle and when they used it as drawer liner.


Hot news of the week was a new steam traction engine, probably driving a thresher, for use on the farms around the neighbourhood.



Here is an advert placed in full view and designed to be eye catching. The manufacturer of sewing machines might be looking for an enterprising man to employ a girl in the clothing trade and buy one or more of his mechanical wonders. They would likely be treadle operated (one foot on a rocker plate) to drive the sewing machine.





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The next advertising panel shows the Anchor Line sailings from Glasgow. Apparently via Moville, N.Ireland to New York

(note some of the fleet carried 500 passengers in steerage class - emigrants) in a fleet by 1870 of 13 steam powered greyhound clippers. They were one funnel, three masts (ship-rigged for sail), iron construction, single screw and having a speed of 10 knots.  The fleet sailed over 80 ships 1860-1925 and covered London-LeHavre-New York, Gibraltar, Liverpool not without tragedy at sea and more about the Anchor Line may be read at this LINK Most of the fleet were built at Glasgow or Belfast.





 Ticket agents were operating
 all over Scotland. This plate made
by the Falkirk Iron Co. is a good
example on a
Ticket agency outside
on wall of a business
in Inverleithen.

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