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Carluke Bus Services

 Mr McDonald had at this time a partner named Mr Stewart and because there was disagreement among the members of the A1 Service, some of whom thought they were not having a fair deal, he and his partner broke away from it and ran an independent service which they named Stewart and McDonald Ltd. They prospered so well that soon they were running a 10 minute service between Lanark and Glasgow. Stewart and McDonald and the A1 Service were keen contenders for the patronage of the travelling public and eventually

Stewart and McDonald were in the stronger position bought even these owners who found it difficult to run their buses at a profit. Someof these owners later became executive members of this growing firm. 

Other companies operating on major routes, namely,  Newmains, Shotts, Larkhall, Coalburn and Glasgow, did likewise  and bought over other A1 Service buses until only a few companies remained.
 Eventually there  were only three large companies, Stewart and McDonald, the General Omnibus Company and the Lanarkshire  Tramways Company. Mr J. McDonald had retired by this time and his position as head of the firm was taken over by Mr R. B, Dick, of Kirkton Bank, and now of the Lee Castle, in whose premises in Kirkton Street, Stewart and McDonald first garaged their buses. These premises are still the Carluke depot (1950).
About 1928, in order to give still better service to the public, double-decker buses were used to cope with the increasing number of passengers, and in August 1932 the three large companies merged into one company called the Central S.M.T. Company Ltd. and Lanarkshire Traction Company, Ltd. At the present time a 15-minute service is run between Lanark and Glasgow with double-decker-buses and a 30-minute service from Carluke to Glasgow after 12 noon. Extra buses are run during peak hours and an “approximately 7-minute ” service is operated on Saturday and Sunday. There is also a Limited Stop service between Peebles and Glasgow and Bigger and Glasgow.


As well as those services that actually operate within the Parish of Carluke, the Central S.M.T. Company have a number of others that operate outwith the Parish boundaries that are centred upon the Carluke depot.
One of these is a service that links up the three shires of Lanark, Ayr and MidLothian by running from Strathaven to Muirkirk, Douglas and West Calder. Originally the Gala Motor Service operated from Lanark to West Calder. This service was taken over by Stewart and McDonald Ltd. in 1929 and extended to Strathaven. With the absorption of Stewart and McDonald Ltd, by the Central S.M.T. in 1952, this service passed into the hands of the latter Company,  and was still further developed.

Two other such services are those from Lanark to Hamiilton and from Lanark to Wishaw via the  low road. Fol-.
lowing the valley of the Clyde and passing through the orchard districts of Kirkfieldbank, Hazelbank, Crossford and Rosebank, these services are extremely popular in the Spring when the fruit trees are in blossom.
To maintain so many services, at least 52 buses operate from the Carluke depot and for these approximately 80 drivers and a corresponding number of conductors (or conductresses) are required, together with some 30 workers on day and night shifts as mechanics, cleaners, etc. A small office staff administer the affairs of the depot and the bus inspectors of the Company operate from Headquarters at Traction House, Motherwell.
Only one independent service still operates within the Parish. In 1919, Mr George Duncan, of Law ran a small
car from Law to Wishaw. Later he replaced this by a bus in order to cope with increasing traffic. Through time, his brother, Mr Adam Duncan, came into the firm and in 1935 took over control of it.  In 1959 the service was extended to Carluke by way of Lawhill and Hamburg Cottages. Such other bus proprietors as may be found within the Parish exist only for private hire, tours, etc activities for which provision is also made both by the Central S.M.T. Company, Ltd. , and  by Mr Duncan.


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