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Cinema Notes

Cinema Notes, Dated 1925

In todays world of satellite TV and internet we are globally connected but in the first half of the 20th century, the new technology was cine film and eventually the talkies. The cinema in Carluke started with the Empire which burned down and was replaced with the Windsor Cinema. Those days were a time when the Board of Censors and church committees  decided if the movie content was fit for good folk to watch, but as can be seen in our top photo the local Glasgow newspaper drily reports "A film incident showing a woman's wrist being cut by a bursting champagne bottle caused nine patrons to faint in a Gosport cinema. The waste of champagne upset them, no doubt"   But with Hollywood and a thriving British cinema industry, audiences flocked to see the latest epics, serials and newsreels.


Ruth Roland cinema Diva

At the Carluke Empire in 1919 the serial movie in December was "The Neglected Wife" starring Ruth Roland (b.1892-d.1937). Each episode was a 2-reel wonder and there were 15 episodes to draw the customers back week by week. Think Coronation Street or Crossroads or General Hospital. Ruth Roland was, along with Pearl White, the queen of the early movie serials. She came from a show-business family, her father being a San Francisco theater manager and her mother a professional singer. Ruth made her acting debut at age 3½, and soon became a professional actress and singer. 






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